Who is the model involved in the Adam Levine scandal?


Sumner Stroh is the hot model after the scandal with Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo, which started when the young woman decided to share all the messages and conversations she had with the married singer. Her release was prompted by the news of the VS star’s new pregnancy last Tuesday. Here we tell you everything you need to know about Stroh.

Sumner Stroh
© @sumnerstrohSumner Stroh

For a few days, Sumner Stroh‘s TikTok profile has gone viral after revealing an alleged nearly year-long affair with Adam Levinethe singer of Maroon 5. During the afternoon of yesterday he denied having any affair with the instagram model, but he claimed that he had behaved rather inappropriately, because he is married to the iconic Victoria’s Secret angel. Behati Prinsloo.

We talk a lot about me at the moment and I want to set the record straight. I had poor judgment talking to someone who wasn’t my wife in a flirtatious way. I didn’t have an affair, however, I crossed the line during an unfortunate time in my life. I addressed it and took proactive steps to address it with my family. My wife and my family are all that matters to me in the world.” the 45-year-old artist said through a story on his personal instagram.

Now everyone is asking the million dollar question: who is the model that would be the third in discord? Well, the young woman of only 23 years old is a celebrity within social networks and the adult platform only fans. She was tasked with putting together a video and telling the whole truth after showing several screenshots of conversations she had with Adam over time.

Who is Sumner Stroh? (Age, family, origins and occupations)

The young model was born in Houston but attended high school in New Braunfels, Texas. She has always been very proud of her origins and in her Instagram description, she details where she was born and where she is currently from. The 23 years graduated early from school and studied advertising to University of Texas in Austin.

She had a little Youtube channel where she made beauty videos (like tutorials and clothes shopping) and travel content. She currently posts most of her content on Instagram, TikTok, and OnlyFans. Her main source of work is collaborations with major brands, through content sales and modeling. On IG she already has 427,000 followers, while on TikTok she has 448,000 and on OnlyFans a total of 40,000 likes.

While still a student, she worked as Media Manager at Bumblean online dating application, and as influencer for fashion brand Boohoo. In theory, she is currently working as a marketing manager at an accessories company with her sister, Baylen. The two have always been close, but like any relationship, they sometimes have ups and downs.

Donned by Stroh was inspired by “Baylen’s love of making jewelry with her grandmother and little sister every summer growing up“, according to the company’s official website. The model has also signed a contract with the talent firm Verge Agency.

In September 2021, Sumner posted a video giving the gift while Maroon 5 was on tour in Del Valle and was shown just feet from the stage. It could have been one of the model and singer’s first close calls. Prinsloo is expecting her third child with Levine and it looks like the couple will be staying together for the time being. We just have to wait for Behati to make her first statement about the scandal involving the three characters.

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