Whiskey stones aren’t just for whiskey (or made of stone, either)

One of the most common whiskey controversies isn’t about the best overall brand or the smoothest pour, but rather the whiskey stones. Casual drinkers consider these handy accessories essential for any drinks cart, while whiskey purists often turn up their noses at the mere thought of using rocks instead of real ice. (Although, to be fair, true connoisseurs believe whiskey shouldn’t be refrigerated or drunk at all.)

For the average drinker, however, whiskey stones serve only one purpose: to keep your drink cool without watering it down. But although their name suggests otherwise, whiskey stones aren’t just for whiskey. They can be used to chill other alcoholic beverages, such as bourbon, vodka, or white wine. They are not always stone. While many whiskey stones are made of granite or soapstone, others are made of stainless steel.

Each material has its own selling points. For those who prefer to maintain the old fashion slowly, many stainless steel whiskey models contain a non-toxic cooling gel in the center, helping drinks maintain a freezing temperature for up to an hour. If such gadgets put you off, granite boulders offer a more natural alternative. The wrong side? They can only keep this classic Irish mule icy cold for about half an hour before it starts to lose its cool. Meanwhile, soapstone (which is described by Geology.com as “a metamorphic rock composed primarily of talc”) is another must-have whiskey stone material as it is non-porous, non-absorbent, heat and acid resistant. and alkalis. It is also more economical than granite. However, soapstone will only keep your sour whiskey fresh for about 15-30 minutes and is, by far, the least durable option.

Whichever material you prefer, we’ve rounded up some of the best whiskey stones, so you can effortlessly sip your favorite spirit in style. Do you have whiskey in your head? Complete your collection with our recommendations of the best whiskey brands and whiskey glasses.

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