What if broke the only rule of the infinity stones

The multiversal threat posed by Ultron and the Infinity Stones in What If…? technically shouldn’t work, by MCU rules.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for What If…? Season 1, Episode 8, “What If…Ultron Wins?” ”, streaming now on Disney+.

In the world of “What If…Ultron Won?”, the Marvel Cinematic Universe takes a difficult turn toward death and destruction when Ultron achieves his perfect form. This results in him becoming a true multiversal threat, traversing realities intent on ending everyone’s lives. It’s a big deal here, though. Technically, given the established rules of the universe, he shouldn’t be able to.

What if…? just might have just made a huge change to one of Marvel’s most powerful items – and it could have huge ramifications for the future of the entire multiverse in the future.

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In the original Marvel comics, the Infinity Stones – originally known as the Infinity Gems – were indeed powerful enough to shape and change the reality around them. But there were consistent aspects that kept them from being too powerful. Notably, Infinity Stones have no powers outside of their home reality. Because of their fundamental connection with the reality from which they came, they could only be exploited. in their own reality. DC’s Darkseid Discovered As Much During JLA/Avengersand this became a major plot point during the Incrosions storyline which led to Secret Wars. The MCU seemed to be working on a similar rule, with the Infinity Stones proving capable of being moved around in their own timeline but still operational, as opposed to how they became inert in another dimension’s TVA base, as seen. sees in Loki.

Corn What if…? just threw that rule aside in the eighth episode of the first season, “What If…Ultron Won?”. In the variant reality featured in the episode, Ultron claimed the body that would otherwise have become Vision. Uploading himself to the new Mind Stone-empowered body, Ultron quickly unleashed a war that killed most of the Avengers and subsequently wiped out most of humanity. In the silence that followed, Ultron was confronted by this reality’s Thanos – who had already earned the other five Infinity Stones. Ultron quickly killed Thanos and took the stones for himself, making him the strongest force in the universe. He quickly traveled the cosmos and wiped out all life. With his consciousness expanded, he saw Uatu the Watcher from outside of reality.

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Ultron then broke through the walls that separate the worlds and pursued Uatu, using his Infinity Stone-granted power to force the Watcher into an explosive duel. Primarily using the Power Stone to amplify his attacks, Ultron quickly showed himself capable of holding his own against the cosmic figure. But the problem is, according to the pre-established rules of the MCU and the Marvel Universe, he shouldn’t be able to. Once he left his own reality, this variant of Ultron shouldn’t have been able to use the Stones or any of their abilities. Additionally, because his body is actually powered by the Mind Stone, and removing it would be tantamount to killing him, entering an alternate reality should have simply resulted in the helpless Ultron collapsing.

Even Uatu looked confused and shocked by Ultron’s arrival, suggesting that this kind of breach really shouldn’t be possible. It’s possible that Ultron has built a way to maintain the power generated by the stones, explaining why he only uses them for basic attacks instead of using the more dangerous abilities of the Time Stone and Stone of Death. reality. Otherwise, it’s a weird break from what always seemed like a cardinal rule of the Infinity Stones. If that means the stones work across realities, then an interested party with multiversal abilities — someone like the recently introduced Immortus — could theoretically claim all the stones in the multiverse and effectively become a god. Breaking the Infinity Stone rule could either drastically alter the Marvel Multiverse or be a mistake on the part of the creators.

What if…? Season 1 premieres new episodes Wednesdays on Disney+.

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