Westside Gunn says smaller chain costs more than Mr. T’s, daughter replies

Westside Gunn angered many wrestling fans on Twitter when he claimed his smallest chain was worth more than the iconic MT wrestler’s entire collection

“The Diff between me and Mr. T is my smallest chain costing more than all his shit,” he wrote along with three laughing emojis.

Wrestling fans disputed that claim, considering Mr. T’s chain collection to be the stuff of legends, and his daughter Erika Clark applauded rapper Griselda.

“The difference is… This was all real,” she wrote. “Everything was given to him. It’s all up to him. He still has it all… And he was a movie star, a TV star, a commercial star with sheets. Pyjamas, lunch boxes, dolls, cereals, cartoons, Wrestlemania albums… He’s also my father.

Westside was quick to respond and make it clear that he meant no disrespect to MT’s legacy

“I love MRT,” he wrote on Twitter. “I was literally sitting here thinking about how he was so cultured how he was able to jump into the world of wrestling and flying, being in TV shows, movies, action figures, he was one of the few.”

Gunn may have just made a grand flex about his jewelry collection, but it’s a well-deserved flex. He recently filed B-side to his epic final project Hitler wears Hermes 8, with features from an overwhelming number of top rappers.

“It’s the last,” he confirmed in an interview with Apple Music. “And the thing is, even though I’ve used that title, it’s never been in a negative way. But it’s just like, I’m an executive. I’m just not an artist. I own Griselda Records, so it’s a lot of partnerships, a lot of things I want to do. And that title kind of gets in the way of those things… he had his mark. He did what he did. I mean, we on Part 8. So even though I do it more for the underground, it’s still mainstream now. You just have to be aware of other people’s feelings. I understand.”

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