Watch South Sudanese model Anok Yai close the Fendi Fall 2022 show

From time to time Anok Yai is known for elegantly honoring a track and doing what it does best – EAT and leave no crumbs!

The gorgeous model of South Sudanese heritage closed the breathtaking show Fendi Fall 2022 Couture Show wearing an otherworldly sheer embroidered dress that made all of our editors’ wish lists.

Rocking a bodysuit underneath that showed off her flawless physique, her makeup was soft with an edge showcasing rich nude tones and shimmering graphic eyeliners. Flaunting her natural curls on the catwalk, she opted for black slip-on heels to keep the accent on the masterpiece in a dress.

According to the mark on the pieces of this season,

A link between France, Italy and Japan – style, craftsmanship and symbolism resonate through time and across continents, finding a home in the multifaceted nature of #Fendi Couture. The natural elements of light and air find their place as essential materials – edifices and armor are replaced by candor and ease of being.

Transparent materials capture light and air, anchored in a sense of reality by the weight of tactile embellishments and a connection to craft history joining Kyoto and Paris through time, tradition and symbolism. A radical feeling of softness runs through #FendiCouture, where luminosity and clarity become the defining characteristics of a collection dedicated to the natural beauty and creative prowess of man.


Couture and Woman Artistic Director: @mrkimjones

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