The State’s Minerals and Rocks Show showcases stones and crystals from Wyoming

Last weekend in Riverton, the Wyoming State Minerals and Gems Society hosted the State Rock and Gem show. The event brought together geologists, crystal enthusiasts and collectors who bought and sold some of Wyoming’s most interesting gemstones.

Stan Grove is the president of the riverton local group and oversaw the event. He said if you are interested in rocks and gemstones, it would be hard to find a better place than Wyoming.

“We don’t have much vegetation to hide things, do we?” Many rock layers are exposed due to our climate and thin soils. Also, we’re just located in a part of North America where there’s a lot of interesting geology going on,” Grove said.

He added that Riverton has around 200 members and the event shows how exciting minerals and rocks can be.

“The variety of things you can do at this show ranges from scientific to deepening the science of geology, mineralogy, petrology or at the other extreme you are just here to string beads on a string, isn’t it? Jewelry making and everything else,” Grove said.

The National Rock and Gem Show is held each year in a different community across the state.

There are approximately 800 people across the state involved with the Gemstone and Mineral Society. There are rock clubs in Big Piney, Mills, Cheyenne, Cody, Gillette, Powell and Torrington.

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