The Rolling Stones song that saved Bruce Springsteen’s career

Each artist has had several musicians whom he admires and follows throughout his musical career. These names usually become powerful sources of motivation that inspire artists to pursue a career in music. On some occasions, they may like another artist’s work so much that it may impact their style. On the other hand, these cherished names can also be great guiding spirits for artists during their process of developing their skills and abilities.

Generally, musicians are very generous in publicly revealing artists and works that have a huge impact on the direction of their career, their sound and their style. famous singer Bruce Springsteen once shared the rolling stones song who holds a special place in his heart as he saved the rocker from the dire straits he found himself in at the start of his musical career.

The Rolling Stones song that helped Bruce Springsteen

Today, the Rolling Stones celebrate their 60th birthday in the world of music with a series of events. BBC Two has also prepared a four-part documentary titled “My Life as a Rolling Stone” to honor the legendary group. Each episode of the series focuses on a different member of the band and delves into their long career with insights from Stones members, fans and fellow musicians.

Bruce Springsteen also appeared in part of the series and reflected on the impact of the Rolling Stones on his musical career. The singer revealed that he would borrow his mother’s hair clips and sleep on them to make his hair look as straight as the original Stones frontman. Brian Jones. Then he went on to explain why the band’s 1964 song ‘It’s all over now‘ had such a unique place for him.

Early in his career, Springsteen entered the music business playing in a local band. Yet he was fired of her, leaving him disappointed and hopeless about the future of his career. Then he put on the Stones’ Valentinos cover of “It’s All Over Now” and tried to copy Solo guitar part by Keith Richards. Springsteen said it was a treasured record for him because it contained the first guitar solo he ever learned, so it saved his career.

Bruce Springsteen’s words on The Stones’ “It’s All Over Now”:

“I used my mother’s hair clips to pin my hair; then I slept on it exactly because I had Italian curly hair, so I stared at it until it was as straight as Brian Jones. It held a special place for me because when I got kicked out of my first band, I went home that night, and I was pissed off, so I said, ‘Okay, I’m going to be lead guitarist.’

And for some reason, this solo sounded like something I could possibly handle. I put the record on and sat there all night until I was able to pick up a relatively decent version of Keith’s solo. It was a very important record for me because it was the first solo i ever learned.”

You can listen to the song below.

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