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The Big Head Corps has always been a beloved part of the American Thanksgiving Parade.

But 80 years is a long time, and even if The parade company has preserved and restored pieces in the collection created by craftsmen in a small town called Viareggio in Italy, some of them will never be topped again.

To the delight of all those who love the parade, however, some of these iconic pieces will be part of a unique jewelry collection created through a partnership between Rebel Nell, the nationally recognized social jewelry enterprise, and The Parade Company, home of America’s Thanksgiving Parade presented by Gardner-White.

So they will be worn again.

“We are thrilled to partner with Rebel Nell on this incredibly unique collaboration,” said Tony Michaels, President and CEO of The Parade Company, following Rebel Nell’s announcement.

A designer from Rebel Nell is working on a piece of jewelry for the Big Heads collection. Photo courtesy of Rebel Nell

The papier-mâché pieces made from Italian newspapers will be incorporated into a limited number of sterling silver and gold necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and more, handcrafted by the creative designers at Rebel Nell.

A silver necklace from The Parade Company’s Big Heads collection by Rebel Nell. Photo courtesy of Rebel Nell

“We are honored to present the Parade Company – Big Heads Collection, especially during the holiday season and in anticipation of the timeless tradition of the Thanksgiving Parade,” said Amy Peterson, CEO and Co-Founder of Rebel Nell, a company Social enterprise provides women facing barriers to employment and equitable opportunity and wraparound support to help them transition from homelessness to a life of independence.

“Our community collaborations are very important to us,†Peterson said. “It gives us the opportunity to preserve moments of history and support our community through our work. We’re also fortunate to showcase and work with iconic organizations, like The Parade Company, a company we admire and respect for its commitment to Detroit and for the memories it holds in the hearts of Michiganders everywhere.

Peterson said the beauty of each of their collections is that they are moments in time.

“We have limited material to work with and once the collection is gone, we can’t do more,” she said. “We usually sell out quickly when something this special comes along. »

A gold necklace from the Big Heads collection by Rebel Nell. Photo courtesy of Rebel Nell

In addition to the preservation of the material itself, each collection also tells a story, this being that of the Italian origins of the Big Heads Corps, highlighted by the layers of paint and newspaper prints brought to life by each piece.

The Parade Company’s Big Heads Collection by Rebel Nell launched November 5 and is available online and at their retail store at 1314 Holden Street in Detroit. Costs range from $50 to $100, with a portion of proceeds going to support the legacy of the Big Heads Corps Thanksgiving Parade in the United States.

“The world-renowned Big Heads Corps Parade Company is one of our dearest and most famous treasures,†Michaels said. “It is amazing to see them reassigned in this very special way. »

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