The LT2 of the latest engine models is big business

Late Model Engines (LME) has an excellent reputation for being at the forefront of LS and LT engine building technology. Continuing to build on their reputation, the LME team brings another industry first to their LT2 C8 customers. LME sleeved the factory block and produced an aftermarket crankshaft that combines to make the LT2 390 cubic inches instead of the factory 377 cubic inches. No other company to date has offered this type of construction to the public. And if you’re like us, more cubic inches is great!

The latest offering from Late Model Engines, the first 390 cubic inch LT2 stroker capable of 1,500 horsepower!

With this increase in size comes its own unique obstacles. First, the valley is not vented into the crankcase, which is common in earlier LT and LS engines. Instead, the LT2 uses a secondary oil pump to pump oil down the valley. According to LME, “The easiest thing to do would be to machine holes for ventilation. The reason we can’t do this is because the upper oil pump would have no oil to pump, leaving the lower pump to do all the work. For this reason, the solution they found is to install spacers in the valley. This allows the crankcase to drain into the valley and valve train areas while retaining the oil in the valley.

To solve the venting problem, LME installed these spacers to keep the oil in the valley while still allowing ventilation into the crankcase.

As the old saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. Unfortunately, overcoming one hurdle only raised another. Proper crankcase ventilation in the valley area required ventilation of the entire system. As a result, LME designed new billet valve covers with breathers. “The area of ​​the struts in the valley correspond to the -10AN breathers in the valve covers,” LME explains. In addition to looking like jewelry with their polished mirror finish, LME claims the valve covers allow “clean ventilation and no oil aeration.”

LME’s all-new billet valve covers for the LT2 are a thing of beauty. These valve covers feature multiple -10AN breather locations to allow for proper ventilation of their LT2 racer.

Throughout the process of designing and building their LT2, the LME team worked closely with Latest model racecraft (LMR), performing R&D on the platform to ensure that all bugs had been resolved. As a result, LME now offers its LME-exclusive 1,500 horsepower LT2 in both short-block and long-block packages.

Contact the LME team if you are looking to reliably increase the power and performance of your C8! The LT2 world of engine building is expanding with LME!

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