The Infinity Stones were created to destroy the Celestials

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Eternals, which is currently playing in theaters.

At Chloé Zhao Eternals delved into the secret objectives of the Space Gods of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, describing their reproductive process, the genesis of the Eternals and Deviants, and revealing their own role in the Grand Universe. Arishem tells Sersi that the Celestials create the stars, thus providing the universe with the engines necessary for the existence of life. Its depiction, however, offers no good reasoning as to why a Celestial would raze the surface of a planet, as shown in guardians of the galaxy. However, one Reddit user has a theory that ties some of these threads together and postulates the role of space gods in the future.

Eternals is a film unique to the MCU and open-ended with exposure scribble that has sparked a lot of speculation among many fandom factions, but TheMediocreCritic’s theory is particularly interesting because it focuses on the film’s very first words and extrapolates one. huge amount of meaning.

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Based on the first dozen or so words of Eternals, “In the beginning … before the six singularities and the dawn of creation came the CELESTS”, the theory sums up their point as follows: the Celestials and, now that they have been atomized, the harvest of the heroes who fired their power of the Stones or have been influenced by them must fill the void and defend the universe against the Celestials. But before examining the merits of the theory, it may help to define some of the relevant references.

Guardians of the Galaxy Morag Mural

The Old Gods are primordial, almost all-powerful entities that make up the four corners of Marvel comic book cosmology and are known as Death, Entropy, Infinity, and Eternity. In The art of the guardians of the Galaxy, a visual encyclopedia published in tandem with the film, murals on Morag depict them spinning and pointing to six colorful rectangular shapes representing the Infinity Stones. Taneleer Tivan, the collector, refers to the murals that appear in the floors, walls and ceiling of the Orb Temple Vault as he describes the genesis of the Stones. While he doesn’t pronounce the names of their creator, he does use the word forged, which implies clever design without relying on the specificity canonized by the film’s additional art material.

During that same tale, audiences glimpse the first appearance of a Celestial in the MCU. Eson the Seeker appears to use the Power Stone to detonate a group of fleeing sentients, ripping the atmosphere and life out of their world with ribbons of amethyst energy. The theory is that this is an example of how the plan backfired, but it seems more likely that if they were designed to stop the Celestials there would be some type of fail-safe. that would not allow them to use the Stones. The collector – and subsequent examples – make it clear that only physically or spiritually powerful individuals can safely use the stones, and the movies suggest that this includes only a small fraction of the beings in the universe. Perhaps the super-powerful sentients existed in great numbers at the beginning of creation, but if life progressed slowly amidst countless variations, it would make sense that there were only a handful of beings. able to use the stones at any point in the story. or prehistory.

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The collector mentions an anonymous group of six who collected the stones in concert but were overwhelmed by their power and destroyed by their attempts to mine them, even in a shared state. He may have only referred to this incident for the sake of brevity, but the acquisition of a stone, let alone a complete collection, would seem like a rare event under any circumstances. This would denote a radical design flaw that the only beings capable of using the interim measure were, in essence, the beings they were meant to stop.

It is also possible that the image displayed by the Collector is fraudulent. Knowhere, the citadel where the Collector has taken up residence, is the severed head of a Celestial whose economy is based on extracting its organic matter for profit. This may make Tivan an unreliable narrator when it comes to the Celestials, and he has already been established as a creature devoid of a moral compass who casually settles into the carved skull carcass of an almost deity whose species predates. to the known universe.

There is also the mention of characters who would take on the roles of the Stones in the years to come to defeat the Celestials, which the theory presents as the new Thanos or the ultimate opponent who can only be beaten by a select few who come together for stop them. . Captain Marvel and the Scarlet Witch are the only living beings to have received their powers directly – or in Wanda’s case, an increase – from the Gems since Quicksilver is dead and White Vision no longer has any connection to the Mind Stone. Doctor Strange knew the Time Stone intimately, although his powers as a whole did not derive from it, so it’s hard to imagine how this particular group of characters would come together to end the so-called Celestial Tyranny.

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James Gunn has confirmed that Adam Warlock will make his first MCU appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3, and it’s hard to imagine her character’s usefulness without the Soul Stone as an integral part of her person, just as the presence of the Eye of Agamotto was inextricably linked with Doctor Strange. His inclusion as an MCU character is the best proof that some use of the Stones may be on the horizon, possibly reprising his role as the head of the Infinity Watch, a group of beings chosen by Warlock to serve. guardians of the caged singularities. Pip the Troll was one of the original watches and debuted in Eternals. Guardians Gamora and Drax were also founding members. Moondragon, which has yet to be introduced, and Thanos have rounded out the cast, so any iteration will more than likely include a very different roster, possibly including Carol Danvers and Wanda Maximoff.

The theory makes some illuminating points and draws attention to the cosmic timeline in a thoughtful way, but it fails to demonstrate that the Celestials are a threat that needs to be addressed or how the creation of the Stones relates specifically to them. The theory positions Arishem’s avoidance of Earth as a response to Thanos’ collection of stones and that his return to the planet to cultivate the celestial embryo had more to do with the Mad Titan’s demise and less with the return of the life needed to catalyze the birth process. If the Four Old Gods needed to overthrow the Celestials, as one commentator pointed out, it seems like a roundabout and flawed way to go about it, even though the unintended consequence of their creation could serve as a weapon for someone. ‘one who seeks to end the space gods in the future in one way or another, if not the past.

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