The former Disney star goes braless in a chain-link crop top and cropped shorts at the Coachella party

Goodbye, Betty.

Betty Gilpin was very serious about her first real acting gig, especially since she was accidentally left in a body bag!

The “Glow” star opened up about some of her early acting gigs while appearing on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Thursday, April 21, including when she was on “Law & Order: Criminal Intent “, which was his introduction to Acting on TV.

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“For the first two years of my career, it was all acting and ‘Law & Order,'” the Emmy-nominated star said. “So I did an episode of ‘SVU’, I was a pedophile with vocal fries. And I was a lesbian with acne on ‘the mothership,’ we called it, just the Normal Law & Order.”

Betty then told a story of her “Criminal Intent” experience, in which she played a naked corpse – and then she was forgotten.

“I was Fran Drescher’s daughter, which is an honor, but I’m not aware of that casting,” she recalls. “Real fans will know, I was found naked in a barrel of oil. Vincent D’Onofrio, like, found my naked corpse.”

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The scene, she recalls, was filmed on a “secluded beach”.

“I remember they closed the body bag,” she recalled. “Vincent D’Onofrio had a grumpy scene over my body bag. And I just had to be in there.”

Inside the zip bag, the director decided it was time for lunch and everyone took a break.

“And I hear, like, footsteps on the gravel getting further and further away, van doors closing,” she said. “And then 10 seconds pass and I hear a distant PA say ‘Oh my god’ and footsteps coming towards me [and the bag] like, unzip, sun my face.”

The ‘Gaslit’ actress joked she wasn’t complaining because she didn’t want to be ‘demanding’.

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