The creation of a piece of high quality platinum chain

Platinum is known to have a high melting temperature, not to mention the eutectic temperature; therefore, making a high-quality, beautifully crafted piece of platinum jewelry requires sophisticated manufacturing and casting techniques.

(The Magazine Plus Editorial):- Beverly Hills, Fla. July 5, 2022 ( – Compared to other precious metals, the skill required to handle platinum is relatively higher. Due to the difficulties and obstacles in manufacturing and casting platinum, a small percentage of jewelers create jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, or pendants out of platinum. This article will discuss and explain platinum casting difficulties and find a conclusion on where to look for qualified platinum jewelry.

Behind the scene. How to create a beautiful piece of platinum chain.

The typical sequence for creating a piece of jewelry from precious metals can be divided into six stages. From the beginning of the creation, it will begin with the preparation of the mold and the wax casting, followed by the investment. Although there are several casting methods, all roads lead to Rome; the method chosen depends on the judgment of the craftsman vis-à-vis the work to be produced. The next step before actually pouring the metallic liquid into the mold will be the burning procedure, and this step completes the prerequisite for casting, and then will be the melting and casting procedures. Finally, after all the work, this is the last stage of the assignment. This is the complete zero-to-one process in creating a platinum item. At the same time, each step requires the craftsman to have sophisticated experiences, for example, how to make a mold that will cast the perfect artwork.

Meet the Platinum Master. With over decades of experience.

ByEnzo Jewelry is much more than a fashionable and elegant choice. Its rich history has shaped people who highly value creativity and passion. With a high demand for luxury jewelry, early artisans paved the way for the superior design and quality craftsmanship still used today. The pursuit of high quality, using pure platinum with exquisite polishing by skilled craftsmen, leads to the stunning ByEnzo box chain necklace.

The Deluxe Platinum Rope Chain Collection.

The rope chain collection includes box and wheat chains, stylish and masculine chain designs for men, including the 4.3mm box chain bracelet and necklace chain. In addition to the 4.7mm bracelet and the wheat chain necklace, if you prefer an ultra thick necklace, ByEnzo offers the 7mm wheat chain bracelet.

The elegant platinum chain necklace is a modern luxury that could add style to a basic look with this solid and heavy 4.3mm platinum chain necklace – polished interlocking square links from a round chain and thick for a simple and luxurious design. The box chain necklace design is strong and durable everyday wear and has a comfortable fit. Also, it could be an ideal chain to wear with one of our pendants from our pendant collection, for example, the Fortune Compass Pendant.

Standard from ByEnzo in our Masterpiece Box chain.

Over the past two decades, ByEnzo Jewelry has served hundreds and thousands of customers seeking the most delicate platinum jewelry to hold their memories and precious moments.

We therefore attach great importance to detail and precision in the creation of the most delicate jewellery. However, the devil is in the details despite the manufacturing process being under wraps. Each chain of the box chain necklace is shaped and constructed by our experienced craftsman. During the production process, we use various tools to ensure we have the most accurate measurement to create the unique piece for you.

Exceptional craftsmanship and materials from ByEnzo Jewelry

Creating the Box Chain Necklace involved highly sophisticated production skills and time, as we insist on ultimate precision in creating fine jewelry. Skilled craftsmen craft each chain to ensure the most satisfying result. Last but not least, ByEzno Jewelry has assured our customers the promise to only fit platinum to create our pieces, including the box chain, of course, is made from pure platinum to give your jewelry a fantastic shine. Although platinum is hypoallergenic and nickel free, this men’s bracelet is a great choice for those with sensitive skin. Platinum is a type of precious metal that will last a lifetime, it is a perfect piece of jewelry to take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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