The Blue Stones and Des Rocs at the Ottobar in Baltimore, MD

Rock and roll came alive Tuesday night at the Ottobar with the Blue Stones, Des Rocs and special guest Clay Melton.

If you like gritty, straight-forward, no-frills rock and roll, The Ottobar in Baltimore, MD is for you. Located on the northern outskirts of the city, the venue has hosted notable artists such as Maroon 5, Paramore and Twenty One Pilots, and on Tuesday night they packed a double with co-headliners. blue stones and Rockswith special guest Melton clayfor their Once in a lifetime tour.

Blues rocker Clay Melton, born in Louisiana and raised in Texas, started the evening. Described as having “a fiery swagger of electric guitars and an irresistible allure of rhythm-soaked sounds,” Clay has been performing live since he was a teenager. Riding on the success of his critically acclaimed 2017 album Burn the shipsand EP 2021 Back to blue who graced multiple indie and blues charts, Clay warmed up the crowd with his powerful growl, quick licks and southern rock charm that captivated all attendees who, if they hadn’t known it before, now know that Clay Melton is one to watch. !

The dynamic blues/alt-rock duo -The Blue Stones, consisting of Tarek Jafar and Justin Tessier, took the stage next. Hailing from Ontario, Canada, these northern gems are no longer hidden with their recent Juno nomination for Breakthrough Group of the Yearand second studio album – hidden gems. hidden gems features singles like “Let It Ride” which reached #2 on the Canadian Rock Charts and #36 on the US Mainstream Rock Charts and “Shakin’ Off the Rust” which reached #1 on the Canadian Rock Charts and #5 in the USA. Mainstream Rock charts – quite an achievement for a Canadian band.

Ready to follow up on the success of their recent singles, the Blue Stones released the pumped up single “Don’t Miss” in early June which was very well received by the energetic crowd. Tarek and Justin said, “We wanted every listener to feel as confident as we did when recording this song and gave them a theme to revel in their own accomplishments. This song is the smirk you give to anyone who thinks you’re not worth the hype. However, the Tuesday night crowd will say the Blue Stones are worth all the hype!

Stepping onto the stage, most fans are shocked when they hear the sound and energy these two can produce that fills a venue of any size, and Ottobar was no different! From the floor to the balcony, from the bar to the bathrooms, The Blue Stones made the walls shake and the crowd tremble. From their high energy in your face songs like “Rolling with the Punches” and “Black Holes (Solid Ground)” to their more laid back songs like “One by One” and “Lay”, the crowd was in it and Tarek and Justin were on. very grateful, letting them know they were the best town on the tour so far (but I bet they say that to all the pretty towns).

Ending the evening, the Filthy Animals themselves, Des Rocs. Featuring powerhouse frontman Danny Rocco, along with bandmates and longtime friends Eric “Doc” Mendelsohn and William “Bang Bang” Tully. Originally from New York, Danny has been performing since the age of 13, previously in the band Secret Weapons which opened for bands like Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy and Weezer, then move on to solo-produced Des Rocs, who have opened for bands like Muse, The Glorious Sons and, most notably, The Rolling Stones.

After successful EPs Let the vultures in, Marty’s Parade and It’s Our LifeDes Rocs released a studio album (self-recorded in a home studio) A real good person in a real bad place in September 2021, promoting the album while touring across the United States. Danny threatens to “drag rock and roll into the 21st century by kicking and screaming if I have to”. And Tuesday night, there was no need to hang around or fight, the crowd was ready to rock as soon as the band hit the stage!

With the perfect blend of energy, sweat, and heart, Des Rocs captivated audiences with pumped up songs like “HVY MTL DRMR,” “Wayne,” and “Ruby with the Sharpest Lies,” and slowing it down a bit. for a pared down version of “Suicide Romantics”. During their set, they also hosted Clay, Tarek and Justin for an incredible collaborative cover of Queen’s “We Will Rock You”, a fun highlight of the night for all three bands.

If you showed a fan, you left a real dirty one, because as Danny told you… “It’s Des Rocs, and he doesn’t give a fuck!”

Be sure to catch The Blue Stones and Des Rocs as they continue on the Once in a lifetime tour ride across the United States through July 23.

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