‘Quavo gave me my favorite channel as a welcome gift to Atlanta’: Trae Young reveals how the famous rapper gave the Hawks star his favorite piece of jewelry during his rookie year

Trae Young has revealed how famed network rapper “Ice Trae” Quavo gave him during his rookie year, is one of his 10 essentials in life.

Trae young was one of the best young talents in the league today. The sniper has improved his game year after year, proving to be among the association’s elite guards. Without a doubt, Young will be one of the future faces of the league.

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It didn’t take long for Young to have a positive impact on the hawks. From the moment the former Oklahoma guard stepped foot on the NBA hardwood, Atlanta fans adored Trae and showered the youngster with all their love and support.

The 6-foot-1 guard had a great connection with Atlanta-based rapper Quavo as soon as he entered the league. And over the years, the two global icons have really developed a great friendship. Recently, the 23-year-old revealed how the Migos rapper gifted him a channel as his “Welcome to Atlanta” moment, which is his top 10 life essentials.

Quavo presented Trae Young with a chain as a ‘Welcome to Atlanta’ gift during his rookie year

During an appearance on GQ Sports 10 things Trae Young can’t live without“, Young disclosed several items like his sunglasses, watches, cards, candies, cap, speakers, sneakers, basketball, Bodyarmor, mint as his essentials. Another of his essentials that Trae talked about was the prestigious gifted that Quavo introduced him to when he entered the league – his famous “Ice Trae” channel.

Young spoke about the chain and what the specific piece of jewelry meant to him.

“I want to show you probably my favorite channel. Quay got it for me my rookie year. It was like my welcome gift to Atlanta that he gave me. There’s a lot of diamonds here, I don’t Never really asked Quay what the details were. I don’t want to go into details, but I was just grateful.

You have the top 11, you have the basketball. After posting this and making a whole chain out of it, it was kind of like a no-brainer, everyone started calling me that randomly on the street. It wasn’t even just in arenas anymore, it was everywhere. So probably my favorite piece I’ve had.

First I wore it for about a minute, mostly at home. I had never had a chain. I mean, I’m from Oklahoma. So [laughs] come to Atlanta, take this. Quay definitely opened my eyes to more jewelry. I don’t take it out too much though. I don’t emphasize too much, only sometimes.

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Also this season, Trae Young hopes to lead his Atlanta team to the same successes they witnessed last year. Averaging a solid 22.9 points, 9.4 assists and 3 rebounds on 43% shooting, Trae will definitely get into his groove. With a decent 4-3 start to this young season, the Hawks rank 9th in the Eastern Conference.

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