Miami drops turnover channel: Coach Mario Cristobal says program is more ‘focused on improving’

Miami football wants to improve its revenue starting in 2021, but the Hurricanes won’t be celebrating those game-changing games with the infamous jewels we came for on the sidelines. First-year coach Mario Cristobal revealed this week that Miami has retired the rotation chain, ending the celebratory routine that was first introduced in 2017.

The Hurricanes have a new rotation chain each season, custom-made and filled with jewelry that players can wear after forcing a rotation. Miami even took it to the next level a few years ago with touchdown rings as well, but with Cristobal taking over, there are a lot of changes in the way the program does business. Part of that is taking the focus away from those jeweled sideline accessories.

“I think the media probably thought about it more than I did,” Cristobal said on day two of ACC Football’s kickoff. “We’re really focused on improvement as a program and we’ve focused on technique, fundamentals, regulation, academics, strength and conditioning, sports science, community service, and that’s that’s what we focused on.”

Cristobal explained that the abandonment of the chain was not a blow to the previous regime and that he did not want to criticize the use of the chain too much. He said it was part of the program’s history, but they were moving forward into this new era without the channel.

“Let’s put it this way. We worked so hard and paid attention to so many other things which I think are much more essential to winning football games and being successful than [the chain] really hasn’t been a subject or topic,” Cristobal added. “We won’t use it. Are you okay with that? Are we okay now? Everybody got the chain thing?”

When it comes to on-field impact, the chain didn’t help Miami excel when it came to creating those game-changing plays in 2021. The Hurricanes had one of the worst turnover margins in the ACC , so the chain hasn’t even been too much play. Miami defensive end Jahfari Harvey cited the new coaching staff and their experience as reason to believe that all major stats, including the turnover, will be improved in 2022.

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