Market Hero’s Economically Smart Play-to-Earn Model

SINGAPORE, December 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — When the market was flooded with many NFT projects speculating on game ideas to win, the danger of losing investments, or at least investing money in a hopeless product, arose. multiplied. Unfortunately, most so-called play-to-earn crypto games lack an elementary labor economy, and the promised profit can only be provided in a “bull market”.

But as we have seen recently, any upward movement must sooner or later change direction in the opposite direction. Although this does not bode well for crypto projects, since it comes with a loss of liquidity and a decline in profitability, economically sound projects will continue to be popular and in demand.

One of them – market hero – the game project which is currently at the stage of launching a demo version of the gameplay. Market Hero NFT is a gaming platform that combines DeFi, NFT and is a classic arcade game built on blockchain. In addition to a simple, proven and engaging game design, similar in scale to Nintendo’s Mario universes, Market Hero focuses on a functional business model.

To get the maximum profit, Market Hero users have staking technologies, liquid used NFTs and arcade games with mechanical p2p betting. The financial model is more complex than most NFT games, but it is thanks to many factors that it is economically correct and able to withstand market volatility through a variety of custom scenarios for the game’s native token and the NFT elements:

Staking – Make a POS deposit in the Market Hero NFT betting pool and regularly receive a fair reward in the $MHT token.

Agriculture – Play and earn a small amount of $MHT tokens in single player mode on the Market Hero NFT platform

P2P Duels – Bet and compete for winnings with rivals around the world

P2P Tournaments — Multitude of participants and opportunity to demonstrate their skills in the fight for the kitty

NFT characters — Buy ​​liquid characters from the game Market Hero, increase your chances of winning and easily sell them on the secondary market!


The MHT token is the main coin in the game. It is used to buy new heroes, bet, buy cards and special NFT bundles. The breakdown of parts is as follows:

How to get the MHT token after the next IDO:

  • Buy on DEXs;
  • Play a single game and get a certain amount of MHT;
  • Burn recurring NFT characters of the same class and get MHT tokens;
  • Compete against other players for bets in duels or the prize pool of Market Hero tournaments.

As for NFT tokens, they open access not only to the gaming experience but also to winnings. User can buy unique NFT items, use them in game and earn more tokens and items and sell NFT in an active secondary market.

By the end of the year, it is planned:

  1. Development of an MHT token smart contract;
  2. Develop a smart contract for NFT characters for the first game;
  3. Release of a demo version of the first game project;
  4. Conduct of IDO;
  5. List of tokens on exchanges;
  6. Launch of a marketing campaign;
  7. New starting characters;
  8. Launch p2p duels on the gaming platform;

Such powerful plans, despite market instability, can elevate the project to the TOP 10 in the segment, if the team continues to develop Market Hero at the same pace and listen to the community’s ideas and suggestions.

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