Local online entrepreneurs launch muhnchies.com, a food delivery business that offers epic snacks and sweets when cravings strike

Brad Roberts and his wife Sonya Roberts are launching a food delivery service named muhnchies.com (with an ‘h’) in Colorado Springs, Colorado – with plans to expand to Denver before 2023 – that specializes in made-to-order pizzas , snacks, nostalgic candies, beverages and themed foods and sweets cooked daily under one roof. Their goal is to prevent people from driving while impaired when they’re hungry, as their motto says, “Don’t get high and don’t drive!” The food delivery company is in no way trying to promote substance use, but it will do its best to draw attention to the rising rate of accidents and deaths of impaired drivers. Brad Roberts said “his father was killed by a drunk driver when he was 6 years old, so this is a very important and personal issue that needs to be talked about more.”

Brad’s former profession began when he was 18, when he started his own door-to-door business selling discount auto service subscriptions. He was then lucky enough to be engaged in a few .com startup projects after finishing his studies, where he was a successful sales and marketing manager who focused on branding and digital marketing. in line. He’s been interested in technology since he was seven years old and remembers booting up his grandfather’s computer with DOS 1.0 floppy disks just to play simple text games. He is currently President of an online jewelry supply company, where he is responsible for all digital assets and marketing. He came up with the idea for muhnchies.com one day when he got the munchies himself and knew he shouldn’t drive, but couldn’t find any place that sold all the items he loves in one company and that book. Muhnchies.com aims to solve this problem.

Sonya’s previous job, prior to her jewelry supply business, has always been in customer service and support. Her love of jewelry design and photography led her to co-found her current jewelry supply business with Brad, where she oversees all product photography and order fulfillment operations. She will be co-owner and COO in their new food delivery business.

Brad and his wife have been married for 15 years and have been together for almost 20 years. They are both originally from Dallas, Texas and have lived in Colorado Springs for over a decade.

Together they created a hugely successful online jewelry supply company that distributes basic jewelry supplies to jewelry designers around the world soon after moving to Colorado Springs, where they started it in a bedroom. friends in their house. The company quickly took off, growing at a significant rate year on year and quickly became a market leader in its field. They are even in the top 1% of the Etsy store, which is not easy to become with so much competition. However, COVID hit and their jewelry business was crippled as designers were unable to attend events and shows.

Smoky mountain pizzas, nostalgic sweets, handmade themed candies, and old-fashioned baked goods, produce, and cupcakes, among others, are on the menu. All products have been handpicked by 420 experienced people with a few employees who have been 420 passionate since the hippie era of the 1960s. What sets them apart from other meal delivery services is that they don’t bring their customers only baked or buzzed dishes that they personally recommend and all under one roof. They’re quite subtle in their deliveries (if desired), so nosy neighbors will assume they’re just a regular food deliverer. Special events and catering will also be available. Soft opening will take place on April 20, 2022 (04/20) with limited zip codes and an official city-wide launch will follow shortly thereafter. Customers can order online or download their personalized app which has the functionality of any other food delivery app.

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