Lionsgate is implementing a phased return to the office with a “hybrid work model” – The Hollywood Reporter

Lionsgate has set a phased return for its studio workforce, beginning Oct. 4, as it ends a work-from-home option for employees during the pandemic.

The studio is also directing that returning employees be fully vaccinated and adhere to mask protocols. “I know some of you are looking forward to coming back while others have real concerns about coming back after 18 months at home. I have listened carefully to feedback not only from my senior leaders, but also from employees across the company, our incident managers and our external health and safety experts at CTEH,” said Lionsgate CEO, Jon Feltheimer, to employees in an internal memo obtained by The Hollywood Reporter.

For 18 months, most Lionsgate offices were closed except for those who chose the option to return and not have their home as their place of work. “I can assure you that all of this feedback has been incorporated into our planning, and we have taken a number of your suggestions to heart,” Feltheimer added.

The studio will gradually open throughout October as various studio departments and divisions in the US, Canada and the UK return to the office in a staggered fashion. A “hybrid working model” will see most employees working from the office three days a week and working from home for the remaining two days of each week.

Lionsgate will stagger work days and daily check-in and check-out times to limit workstation capacity to 50% each day. And the studio asks supervisors to accommodate employees with long commutes or childcare issues.

“All returning employees must be fully immunized and adhere to mask protocols,” the memo reads. Lionsgate offices have been open since May 2021 under a voluntary return policy. The studio is also aware that the COVID-19 delta variant has cast a shadow over any mandatory return-to-office plans.

At the same time, Feltheimer said some tasks are done better in the office than when working remotely. “This is where collaboration between departments happens… this is where personal contacts and spontaneous meetings happen… and this is where and how we train our new employees and open new doors for old ones. This is how we maintain our entrepreneurial culture that allows us to compete with companies many times our size,” Feltheimer explained.

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