Leonardo DiCaprio fell in love with Ukrainian model Maria Beregova, who is she?

The actor, who recently broke up with his girlfriend of four years, Camila Morrone, was recently spotted with a Ukrainian model in Saint-Tropez in the south of France.

Seems to be Leonardo DiCaprio may have already gone from former love Camila Morrono fast enough. Or, did the breakup happen because of this mystery woman?

The new girl and Gaddafi connection

In the latest news article, DailyMail United Kingdom revealed that 22-year-old Ukrainian model Maria Beregova was spotted with Leonardo DiCaprio in St Tropez in July in a luxury yacht with his famous friends. The picture of them together can be seen in their report.

She was married to Ahmed Masoud Abdelhafid, a property and fashion empire in Monaco and the grandson of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s interior minister.reports the publication.

She was about to divorce while partying with Leo and changed her name to her maiden name during the tripreports DailyMail United Kingdom.

According to the report, Massoud Abdelhafid, the grandfather of her ex-husband, was considered the “right arm” of Libyan dictator Gaddafi and “walking encyclopedia”.

After Gaddafi was overthrown and killed, Massoud senior fled to Cairo where he is believed to have died of natural causes in 2015.

Who is Maria Beregova?

Beregova grew up in Switzerland, but currently lives in London where she is studying to inherit her family’s pharmaceutical business in the future.

Beregova could be seen wearing a black mini dress with sky-high heels and expensive jewelry. She also had posted photos of Saint Tropezand showed his deluxe room at the Villa Belrose in July.

He is still it is unclear when the divorce was finalizedor if there was a settlement involved, but it is believed to have been finalized in Monaco where the couple had lived happier days.

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