Kate Moss and Johnny Depp: the supermodel pulled out a necklace from the actor’s buttocks

Lif for Johnny Depp changed drastically, and did before the trial against Amber Heardhe might keep some details anonymous, but after that fight in court, now a lot more of his personal life is coming to light.

Kate Moss revealed that the first diamonds she ever owned were a gift from Johnny Depp, who presented them to her in a quirky way. The model, who was in a relationship with the Hollywood actor between 1994 and 1998, offered the startling revelation during an interview with British Vogue about her most famous looks.

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Reflecting on a white John Galliano dress which she wore in 1995, Moss recalled how the designer gave her the item, but lost it.

Turning her attention to the jewelry, she said, “And that diamond necklace Johnny gave me the first diamonds I ever had. He took them out of his slot.

Kate Moss took the necklace off Johnny Depp’s butt

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According to Moss’ revelations in this publication, the time came when they were going to dinner, so the story turned out to be more unusual than usual. The model even had to remove the diamond necklace from the hollywood starher buttocks with her own hands.

“We were going to dinner and she said, ‘I’ve got something on my ass, can you take a look?’ And I was like ‘What?’ (…) I took out a diamond necklace,” said the 48 year old fashion icon.

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