Jewelry chain’s parent company responds to woman’s wrongful dismissal complaint

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A spokesperson for Sterling Jewelers’ parent company responded on Monday to allegations of a former employee who claims she was sexually harassed and wrongly fired in 2020 from the Torrance store for complaining of unsafe working conditions for coronaviruses , claiming that the location was closed for business reasons.

The complainant is only identified as Jane Doe in the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday, in which she also alleges management did nothing against her male colleagues who made misogynistic comments. The lawsuit alleges unfair dismissal, retaliation, discrimination based on sex, sexual harassment and failure to prevent discrimination and harassment.

David Bouffard, spokesperson for Signet Jewelers, the parent company of Sterling Jewelers, has released a statement regarding Doe’s costume.

“While our policy is not to comment on pending legal issues, it is important to note that when most countries around the world were closed in March 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, Sterling, like many other retailers , has closed all of its stores in North America, ”Bouffard said.“ Our store in Torrance was one of more than 200 stores that was never reopened as we continued to optimize our store footprint. Retail.”

Doe was hired in May 2015 and has spent a lot of time and effort developing her skills as a jeweler, according to the costume, which does not identify the location of the former Sterling Jewelers store where she worked before d ‘be transferred to Torrance.

“It was (Doe’s) goal to be promoted and move up the corporate ladder,” the lawsuit said.

Sterling, the largest specialty jeweler in the United States, with more than 1,500 stores nationwide, employs thousands of people. Although Sterling markets its jewelry primarily to women, most of the jewelers who make and repair the company’s products are men, the costume says.

“Jewelers like (the) complainant have been systematically ignored for job opportunities, promotions and salary increases, in addition to being sexually harassed”, according to the lawsuit, which also indicates that Doe was “one of the few jewelers in Southern California on many employees.

Doe was often suggested by male employees, leaving her “extremely uncomfortable and in danger,” the costume says.

Some of Doe’s coworkers found out that she had an abortion after being pregnant with an abusive ex-boyfriend and they responded by “brutalizing and viciously mocking” her, with one saying, “Your God. does he think it’s okay to kill unborn babies ?, ”the costume says.

A Sterling District Manager, defending the colleague, told Doe: “Your issues are offensive to everyone around you,” the lawsuit says.

Doe applied for and was granted a transfer to Southern California and she began working at the Torrance site in January 2018, the lawsuit says.

“Although the complainant was initially optimistic about the new start, Sterling’s culture of misogyny continued to hamper her job,” the lawsuit alleges.

High-billed repair jobs have always been done by male jewelers and Doe’s performance has been unfairly scrutinized by his supervisors, the lawsuit says.

A co-worker repeatedly told Doe that he would give her an expensive job in exchange for sexual favors, the lawsuit says. She rejected his alleged advances, but he continued to propose to her, according to the lawsuit.

Doe’s multiple complaints to human resources were ignored, the lawsuit said.

When the Sterling store in Torrance closed in March 2020, Doe was put on leave, the lawsuit says. Before her leave, Doe complained about the lack of ventilation and the lack of masks available in the workplace, which she said caused jewelers to breathe in dust, chemicals and others. toxic materials while making workers vulnerable to COVID-19, the combination says.

In July 2020, Doe learned she was fired at the end of the month, the lawsuit says.

“During the termination meeting, Sterling conceded that (Doe’s) termination was not performance related, although indicating that it was related to his previous complaints,” the lawsuit said.

Doe suffered financial loss as well as severe emotional distress and anxiety, according to the lawsuit.

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