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Mon 15 Aug 2022

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Tulola Jewelry collaborates with popstar and actress Maudy Ayunda to launch her heritage-focused hairpiece collection.

At a crowded presentation at the ASHTA mall in Sudirman, South Jakarta on August 12, famed jewelry store Tulola launched its long-teased collection from its collaboration with singer and actress Maudy Ayunda.

Titled Aura Ayunda, the collection consists of art wear and iconic hairpieces. The launch coincided with the brand’s opening of its first store in the ASHTA mall.

“We are happy to collaborate with an inspiring person like Maudy Ayunda because she brings freshness, creative inspiration and design to Tulola,” said the brand’s founder, lead designer and creative director, Sri Luce-Rusna, in a statement. .

The 27-year-old actress and spokesperson for Indonesia’s G20 Presidency is known for wearing Tulola’s jewelry during daily activities, state events and even at her recent wedding last month.

“I’ve been wearing Tulola for years,” Maudy told Jakarta Post Friday, calling it a “dream collaboration.”

“It has become the main jewel of my wedding because I really like it, it looks very young, very relevant, but it has a deep tradition and intimacy, not too flashy and striking.”

The Aura Ayunda collection includes a total of 10 accessories, including artwear earrings, signature earrings, a necklace and six metal-based hairpieces, all dipped in 18k gold.

“At the start of the brainstorming, I was given a comprehensive overview of the entire Tulola collection and asked to identify the designs that resonated with me,” she said. The jewels have butterfly, flower and root motifs in their designs, following Maudy’s input.

“Jewellery, like any fashion piece, can be a great symbol of tradition and culture; it’s another way to tell stories,” enthused Maudy.

Founded in 2007, Tulola has made a name for itself as a local luxury jewelry brand that showcases traditional craftsmanship and predominantly female artisans.

The Aura Ayunda collection is available exclusively at the Tulola ASHTA boutique until August before being available at all Tulola Jewelry boutiques.

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