Jeweler duped of Rs 1.13 crore in gold, gems; probe on

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Gujarat: A jeweler was allegedly defrauded of gold, diamonds and ornaments worth Rs 1.13 crore by a jeweler in Surat.
Recently, Nishant Timberwal, complained to police that Abhijeet Ghosh disappeared after taking Rs 1.13 crore worth of gold, diamonds and jewelry from clients for making ornaments and repairs, The Indian Express reported.

According to the complaint, Nishant gave Abhijeet seven gold cookies weighing 660g, 106.20 carats of loose polished diamonds and sets of gold necklaces with earrings weighing 515g and 14 carats, gold bracelets set with diamonds weighing 125.1g as well as designs to make ornaments including a gold jewelry weighing 23.39g.

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According to the police, when Nishant tried to contact Abhijeet, his mobile phone was switched off. Even Abhijeet’s shop was found closed in recent days according to his neighbours.

“The plaintiff and the defendant are both from West Bengal, know each other and did regular business with each other. The gold biscuits and jewelry were given in good faith to Abhijeet by the plaintiff, but he has closed his shop and disappeared. We are trying to locate him by different means. We hope he will be arrested soon,” Umra police inspector AH Rajput said as quoted by The Indian Express.

Recently, in July 2022, a jeweler in Ahmedabad had filed a police complaint stating that two men from his locality defrauded him of Rs 25 lakh by luring him to sell gold at an attractive rate.

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