Jets’ Sauce Gardner shows hidden item at showy NFL Draft night channel

Function over form, as they say.

The NFL Draft is still home to cutting-edge outfits and borderline gaudy, obscene jewelry worn by the league’s next generation of players.

Sauce Gardner, No. 4 in the Jets’ overall selection, walked the red carpet Thursday night with an incredibly loud chain: the Cincinnati product wore a diamond-encrusted “Sauce” pendant, along with a bottle of studded sauce to match.

It turns out that the bottle is just as functional as it is fashionable. In a video with Jets owner Woody Johnson, Gardner explained and showed that the bottle can actually be used to store sauce, really coming off as a man living the thing.

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Gardner says the bottle could hold any sauce he wants, including teriyaki, barbecue, mild heat or whatever tickles his taste buds on any given day.

Gardner (real name Ahmad) earned the nickname “Sauce” at a young age for his athletic prowess on the football field – as well as his love of sauces, clearly taking his love of sauces to new heights.

The Jets are hoping Gardner will take their secondary to new heights as well, as he was the first of a trio of first-round picks that earned the organization praise over the weekend.

As the saying goes: the juice is temporary, but the sauce is forever.

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