I’m a geologist – stones I would avoid for an alternative engagement ring

A GEOLOGIST has shared three stones that may suit your lifestyle and personality – and could be viable alternatives to a diamond in an engagement ring.

Cate, a geologist known as @groovygeologist on TikTok, shared alternative engagement ring stones in a recent video.


A geologist shared stones suitable for certain personalities and lifestylesCredit: TikTok/@groovygeologist
Cate is a geologist and geo-communicator


Cate is a geologist and geo-communicatorCredit: TikTok/@groovygeologist; Etsy/StarryCradles

“We all know diamonds are a scam, and honestly, they’re not even that exciting,” Cate said in her recent video.

“You could have a prettier stone on your finger for the rest of your life.”

Cate points out a few different stones and why they may or may not work for your lifestyle and personality.

For example, she first talks about fluorite and how easily it flakes off.

It may not be an ideal choice for someone with an active lifestyle.

She also says that fluorite can be scratched by glass because it has a hardness of four compared to a diamond of 10.

So if you bang a fluorite ring against glass, it will scratch, Cate says.

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time outdoors, be aware that fluorite fades in the sun – another reason why you might not want to choose this stone for a ring.

Cate then turns to moss agate, which she describes as being made up of thousands of tiny quartz crystals.

Quartz has a hardness of seven out of 10, Cate says, and cannot be scratched by glass or steel.

However, it can sometimes be scratched by other quartz crystals.

This stone may be more suitable for someone with an active lifestyle as it does not scratch as easily.

Amethyst, also in the Quartz family, is another stone Cate talks about in her video.

With the same hardness of seven out of 10, it’s another durable option.

However, like the fluorite stone, an amethyst will fade in the sun.

The rocks video has been viewed over 9.3 million times.

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Many viewers took to the comments section to ask Cate for more details, especially regarding other gems and stones.

She went on to make two more alternative engagement ring videos that total over 2.5 million views combined.

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