How to Get Shiny Stones in Dinkum

Shiny Stones are one of the few resources that can be found in Dinkum. The brilliance of these stones offers a glimpse of the ores that can be found within, and once collected, they can offer players a huge boost in progress between the early and mid stages of the game.

In this guide, we’ll talk about shiny stones, how to get them, and how to process them to get useful items.

How to Get Shiny Stones in Dinkum

Shiny Stones are rare drops from broken stones, ore nodes, and boulders found in the wild or in underground mines. They are quite rare and only average about one shiny stone per broken stone. They can be collected and stacked inside inventory for safe keeping.

Bright Stone Grinding Performance

On their own, these shiny stones only cost 100 Dinks per coin and they are not used for any other plans. But when processed by grinding through a stone crusher, which can be purchased at John’s Goods for 10,000 Dinks, they yield ores needed for high-end crafting, and even valuable gemstones.

Each shiny stone will give three pieces of ores/gems which can be tin, copper, iron or opal. Shiny Stones can be a good source of Iron early in the game, especially when the Deep Mine hasn’t been unlocked yet. Opals obtained from these stones can be sold for 15,000 Dinks each, which also gives a huge financial boost

Brilliant stone notes

  • Going to farm shiny stones just to get opals for Dinks is not really recommended as there are other activities which are more lucrative in the same amount of time you spend such as fishing. It is best to have it more as a secondary objective for activities such as collecting stones to make cement tiles or bricks.
  • If you ever switch from pewter tools to copper tools or are about to start working on unlocking deep mines, searching for shiny stones might be worth it as it gives you chances to get ores iron for the next level of tools.

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