How playing Iman in ‘Winning Time’ helped model actress Mariama Diallo embrace her afro

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When model-actor Mariama Diallo was invited to play Iman on HBO’s latest hit show, winning time, she couldn’t believe it. “Iman has always been an icon for me, especially because I am African,” says Diallo, originally from Guinea. vogue. After three rounds of auditions, she adds, “I don’t think it was taped for a while when I first got the part.” In the show, which follows the rise of the Lakers in the 80s, Diallo plays Iman during her relationship with basketball player Spencer Haywood. “I’ve always been a huge fan of [Iman], but after studying her more closely through this role, I became even more in awe of her. She handled everything she’s been through in the industry and beyond with so much grace,” says Diallo.

The role also taught Diallo beauty lessons. For the shoot, she wore her natural hair, as Iman did. “I knew so many people were going to watch this. I had to make sure that I took really good care of [my hair]“explains Diallo. That meant using products like Pattern’s Edge Control, Castor Oil, Mizani Shampoo and Conditioner, and Camille Rose Deep Conditioner. After playing Iman, she says, “I’m now more inspired to wear my afro in my own everyday life.”

“Scalp Care Favorites.”

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