Guide to Lost Ark Engravings and How to Facet Ability Stones

The Lost Ark Engravings are ways to customize your character and improve some of their most important abilities.

The system is complex and getting the stats you want requires a combination of luck and grinding. However, the rewards are substantial if you manage to get the right numbers on the right gear. This Lost Ark Engravings guide covers the basics, including how to activate your engravings and what to do with Ability Stones.

Lost Ark Engravings Guide – What are Engravings in Lost Ark?

Engravings are customizable buffs and debuffs that alter your character’s stats, and the system that influences their perks is a bit complicated. Engraving itself is the buff (or debuff), and you’ll find it on props and ability stones. These accessories and stones have randomly generated values ​​that can contribute to the positive or negative effects of your Engraving.

How to increase engraving points in Lost Ark?

Engravings have point levels that determine when their effects activate.

  • 5 points: low effect
  • 10 points: normal effect
  • 15 points: Strong effect

Each prop or ability stone will have a randomly assigned value, such as +2 or +3, so you’ll need a combination of lucky drops and high-tier gear to get the higher-tier burn boosts. Ability Stones generally offer a faster and more reliable way to reach higher levels.

Accessories and ability stones also contribute to negative engraving values, such as defense penalties. Keep this in mind when choosing loadouts for your character.

How to Get Ability Stones in Lost Ark

You will first get Ability Stones by completing the Road to Faceting quest, where you will receive five Ability Stones. After that, you’ll earn more from completing Raids, and like accessories, their stats and buffs will be completely random.

How to Face Ability Stones in Lost Ark

Faceting an Ability Stone enhances the benefits it provides, although it can also increase negative traits. Talk to the Ability Stonecutter in any settlement and choose the stone and ability you want to upgrade.

The rest of the process is random. You will have a chance to successfully upgrade the ability. If you succeed, the ability is upgraded, and if not, the facet is grayed out so you can’t use it. The goal is to complete two rows of nodes, and graying out too many means you may have to rely on the red nodes, which increase stone debuffs.

The chance of a successful faceting decreases each time you succeed, so there will almost always be instances where you will need to use the debuff nodes to complete the laying of the stone.

What are class engravings in Lost Ark?

Class engravings are the third engraving slot for your character, and they work a little differently. You’ll choose between two class engravings for your character, and they’ll nudge you toward a more specific build type by boosting certain abilities or, in some cases like the Gunslinger, removing them altogether.

What are Custom Engravings in Lost Ark?

Custom engravings allow you to add an engraving of your choice to a ring of your choice, although you have to work – and pay money – for it. You’ll need to learn the Engraving Recipe first, which comes from the Engraving Books that can drop in Chaos Raids or Shadow Tower.

These have different rarities, from uncommon to legendary. You must read 20 of a given rarity before learning the recipe. After that you can apply the engraving to any ring.

If you’re still new to Lost Ark, make sure you use your class in the best way possible. You will want to build relationships and also work on your business skills. We also have some essential tips for avoiding some common pitfalls as you progress through Arkesia.

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