Guardians of the Galaxy Hidden Another MCU Infinity Stones Collector

Guardians of the Galaxy could have introduced a massive villain to the MCU under the public eye in 2014. Will they appear in Phase 5?

guardians of the galaxy could have secretly introduced another massive villain into the MCU. The first one guardians of the galaxy The film saw Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) part of a ragtag team of heroes, but things didn’t start out friendly. After Quill retrieves a special orb to sell to the Broker, he finds himself surrounded by multiple parties all trying to take the orb for themselves. Sakaaran soldiers led by Ronan the Accuser, the Nova Corps, and the Yondu Ravagers are all pursuing the object, with a number of characters pulling the strings behind the scenes.


It later became clear that Thanos and Tivan the Collector were two of the main players trying to collect the Orb containing the Stone of Power. Tivan the Collector, as his name suggests, wanted to collect the stones to add to his ever-expanding library of intergalactic trinkets and rarities from all corners of the universe. Thanos, of course, believed that by wielding the stones and removing half of all life in the universe, it would bring balance and abundance to those left behind.

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When Gamora (Zoe Saldaña) first meets Quill, she tries to mistake the Orb for another potential buyer. On several occasions, director James Gunn has shared that there are still Easter eggs that have not been discovered since. guardians of the galaxy, so it’s possible that this mystery shopper is one of those hidden secrets. But who else could have hunted the Orb, and how could they have known about the power stone inside?

Who was Gamora going to sell the Orb to?

In the Marvel comics, several characters take a particular interest in the Infinity Stones, or Gemstones as they’re called in the books, and all of them are problematic. Two of the Marvel Universe’s most fearsome villains have tried to get their hands on the Stones before, and they’re said to have the know-how to do it again in the MCU. Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds, survived the end of the previous universe and became an incredibly powerful being in the current one. Having existed alongside the Stones when the universe was formed, Galactus would have known about them and could have employed Gamora to betray Thanos in guardians of the galaxy.

Another character with a history of the hunt for knowledge and power is Doctor Victor Von Doom. Doom in the Marvel comics emerges as a far more formidable foe than in previous onscreen iterations, with a singular vision to reshape the world in its own perfect image. Known for his relentless pursuits and incredible intelligence, Doom could have uncovered stories about the stones that were found on Earth and learned their true nature. With Marvel The Fantastic Four film on the way and the MCU often focusing on space, these two characters could appear at any time, and it is possible that guardians of the galaxy set up their introductions nearly a decade ago.

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