FaceCake Partners with Company.com to Radically Expand Availability of Augmented Reality-Enabled Commerce

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–FaceCake and Company.com have entered into a strategic partnership to provide small and medium-sized businesses, influencers and content creators immediate access to FaceCake’s AI-powered augmented reality visual commerce platform. This market-first “self-serve” AR capability will provide instant and easy sign-up options with automated onboarding, making onboarding FaceCake’s immersive AR technology a frictionless process, regardless of retailer size. or brand. The global launch of the AR Self-Serve platform is expected to be available in the fourth quarter of 2022.

FaceCake’s patented AI/AR shopping platform and scalable AR product creation will be leveraged with the Company.com Digital Experience Platform (DXP) for even broader reach. Company.com’s DXP includes customer onboarding, automated marketing and billing, and identity and access management. Retailers and brands will have intuitive dashboard-like features to easily access the latest in FaceCake’s real-time AI/AR offering.

“This partnership will make FaceCake’s next-generation Try-On AR experiences even more accessible to retailers, brands and content creators,” said Linda Smith, CEO and Founder of FaceCake. “Democratize our AI/AR purchasing platform and enable the ubiquity of our personalized virtual trial, meeting the expectations of today’s consumers.

The offering includes FaceCake’s wide range of virtual AR try-ons in product categories such as eyewear, cosmetics, jewelry, apparel, accessories, footwear and more. FaceCake’s highly realistic try-before-you-buy AR exponentially increases shopper engagement and conversion rates while decreasing returns. From now on, these benefits will be accessible to everyone in a transparent way.

“This is an exciting new application of our platform, and the technology is right in our wheelhouse,” commented Bill Wade, Founder and CEO of Company.com. “We’ve spent years delivering offerings that bring enterprise functionality to small and medium-sized businesses for the benefit of our customers and end users. Our partnership with FaceCake takes it all to the next level.

About Face Cake

FaceCake, creator of the Swivel® virtual dressing room, CAKE AR™ and Scout Visual Search, is a leader in augmented retail with its patented AI-driven AR visual commerce platform. FaceCake’s augmented reality and artificial intelligence innovations allow consumers to virtually try on products on their own live images, instantly providing relevant product recommendations for superior personalization. FaceCake’s platform is scalable, compatible with all devices, and the only AI/AR offering in multiple purchase categories. The private company is based in Calabasas, California.

About Company.com

Founded in 2008, Company.com offers a unique digital experience platform (DXP) specializing in reducing the time to value of integration, modernization and digital transformation initiatives. By creating technology-agnostic connected experiences through micro-architecture and developer-friendly tools, Company.com’s DXP enables enterprises to deliver the value of a modern digital platform, no matter the challenges. they face with their existing infrastructure. Implementation use cases include B2B e-commerce; customer and partner portals; intranets; Headless PLC; and more. For more information about Company.com, please visit www.company.com or email media@company.com.

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