FaceCake and Company.com to expand augmented reality-enabled commerce

AR shopping platform Face Cake has partnered with Company.com to allow SMEs, influencers and content creators to access its AR Visual Commerce platform.

This “self-serve” AR capability will provide instant sign-up options with automated onboarding, making onboarding FaceCake’s immersive AR technology a frictionless process, regardless of retailer or brand size. The global launch of the AR Self-Serve platform is expected to be available in the fourth quarter of 2022.

FaceCake’s patented AI/AR shopping platform and scalable AR product creation will be leveraged with the Company.com Digital Experience Platform (DXP) for broader reach. Company.com’s DXP includes customer onboarding, automated marketing and billing, and identity and access management. Retailers and brands will have dashboard-like features to access the latest in FaceCake’s real-time AI/AR offering.

The offering includes FaceCake’s array of virtual AR try-ons in product categories such as eyewear, cosmetics, jewelry, apparel, accessories, footwear, and more. FaceCake’s try-before-you-buy AR increases shopper engagement and conversion rates while decreasing returns, according to the press release.

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