Ex-Pandora executive accused of ditching latest jewelry

Jesper Nielsen, a former Pandora Jewelry executive who in 2013 founded the now defunct Danish brand Endless Jewelry, has been accused of abandoning the “staff” of his last company, JN Jewelry.

A petition titled ‘Justice for our ambassadors for JN who ruin their reputation‘ posted on the activist website Change.org describes JN Jewelry as a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that has “shutdown without warning.”

According to the petition, which was created by a person identified as Mary Francese, “Over 70,000 ambassadors [salespeople] worked for JN Jewelry.

He adds: “No one saw this coming. We woke up to an image posted in a global group that states, “We’re sorry…! JN will be from today all activities on a global scale in network marketing. In the coming weeks, we will fulfill our open orders for customers and pay out earned commissions to our ambassadors. We would like to thank you for the past years. Your JN team.’”

MLM businesses, also known as “network marketing” businesses, encourage existing members to promote and sell their offerings to other people and recruit them to become salespeople for the same business MLM.

Members receive a percentage of sales from people they have recruited. New recruits become part of the membership network – “downline” – and are, in turn, encouraged to make sales to earn money and recruit more people as members/vendors.

Multilevel marketing may be a legitimate business structure used by some direct selling companies to sell products and services; however, the industry has been full of illegal operations that are run like pyramid schemes.

The Change.org page claims that more than 4,500 orders were still waiting to be shipped and that “thousands of ambassadors [members] haven’t even received commissions from July, let alone August. Some still have unspent credits they issued for their salary in their back office.

The History of Nielsen Jewelry

Nielsen was previously a member of Pandora’s international leadership team and, in a 2015 interview, said Jeweler he was largely responsible for building Pandora’s presence in a number of European countries. He resigned as CEO of its Central and Western European subsidiary in 2011.

A non-competition clause prohibited her from trading in the jewelry industry for two years; he then founded Endless Jewelry in 2013.

The brand launched internationally with 15 bracelets and 432 charms, Nielsen stating at the time: “My charm inspiration comes mainly from Pandora and Story. [by Kranz and Ziegler], and the inspiration for the bracelet comes from Ole Lynggaard.

Nielsen claimed that Endless Jewelry achieved sales of $30 million (A$38.5 million) in its first full year on the market and, by the end of 2014, was stocked in 3,500 out of 16 stores. markets.

In January 2014, Nielsen self-published a book titled Inside Pandora, which was billed as: “A simple, unconventional approach to business by one of the key players behind the billion-dollar global company.”

Endless Jewelry burst onto the Australian market in February 2015 when, together with its Australia-based distributors, Nielsen traveled to Australia and personally showcased the range at the Leading Edge Jewelers conference on the Gold Coast.

Following the conference, a series of invitation-only roadshows took place in five capitals across the country to demonstrate that the newcomer was serious about expanding Australasia.

The same year, the brand managed to secure a three-year contract to have Jennifer Lopez be its “face”, and it was reported that the singer had designed a line of bracelets and 42 charms.

Nielsen attributed much of the brand’s initial success to experience gained while working at Pandora; however, in 2016 Nielsen suddenly left Endless Jewelry less than three years after its global launch, confirming via Facebook that he had sold all of his shares in the company.

The dream is collapsing

The company eventually collapsed in November 2016, but not before Nielsen announced plans for a new jewelry business that would take inspiration from fast fashion retailers.

In February 2016, just weeks after leaving his former startup, he revealed via Facebook that the new venture would be called Amazing Jewelry and invited “licensing partners and franchise partners around the world” to express interest in what he described as a company following a similar path. model for fashion giants H&M and Zara.

At the time of publication, Jeweler was unable to determine if Amazing Jewelry is still in business; however, a Shopify the site exists online.

His personal website JesperNielsen.com was not working at the time of publication, displaying the error message: “Sorry, we are currently working on the site”.

He previously said, “Since 2003, Jesper Nielsen and the Nielsen family have developed several highly successful jewelry brands around the world, opening boutiques in over 40 countries.”

A second Change.org petition was started by someone identified as Jaclyn Ross and ‘tagged’ Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia; Meanwhile, a third petition started by a person identified as Angela Cassidy claims to describe some of the “incredible incentives” of the Jesper Nielsen Jewelry operation, including “a vacation at his Mallorca ‘JN Mansion’, car bonuses, cash payments for “Super Recruiters”, top salespeople, etc.

Jeweler attempted to contact Jesper Nielsen.

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Jesper ‘Kasi’ Nielsen works as a gas station and discount retailer manager in the suburbs of Copenhagen, Denmark.
2003 Inspired by a friend, Nielsen begins selling Italian costume jewelry in Germany and forms the family business Kasi Group.
2005 Nielsen is negotiating exclusive distribution rights to sell Pandora jewelry in Germany, where it had an existing network of approximately 1,500 retailers. The Kasi group has a turnover of DKK 20 million and a profit of DKK 1.3 million.
2006 Nielsen persuades Pandora to allow him to open the first of what would become a worldwide network of Pandora stores.
2007 The turnover of the Kasi group amounts to 190 million DKK with a profit of 17 million DKK.
2008 Kasi Group sales climb again, reaching DKK 500 million with a profit of DKK 51 million.
Danish private equity group Axcel is buying a 60% stake in Pandora from its founder Per Enevoldsen.
2009 The turnover of the Kasi group reaches 100 million euros.
Nielsen sells Kasi Group’s distribution rights to Pandora for $81 million and a share of Pandora’s profits for the next five years.
2010 JAN Pandora and Kasi Group merge to form Pandora Central Western Europe; Pandora is the majority owner with a 51% stake.
OCT Pandora is listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange and immediately acquires the remaining 49% of Kasi Group shares to make Pandora CWE a wholly-owned subsidiary; the agreement includes a pre-payment of DKK 385 million, with the remainder to be paid in 2015 in the form of a ‘performance-based earn-out’.
2011 JUL Jesper Nielsen and his sister Annette Laustrup Nielsen resign from Pandora CWE Board of Directors; Annette is also leaving her position as Deputy General Manager of Pandora CWE. Jesper had stepped down as president of Pandora CWE on April 1.
2013 JUL Jesper Nielsen is starting a new business, Endless Jewelry.
2014 JAN Nielsen self-publishes Inside Pandora, which is promoted as: “A simple, unconventional approach to business by one of the key players behind the billion-dollar global company.”
NOV Jennifer Lopez signs a three-year contract as the “face” of Endless Jewelry, designing a range of new pieces. The company reported revenue of $30 million for the year, according to a fashion business report.
2015 FEB

Endless Jewelry launch in Australia and Nielsen claims to have reached 3,300 stores in 17 markets in 19 months of operation; he says fashion business the company plans to open 3,000 more outlets by the end of 2015, adding: “My vision in 20 years? I see 10,000 Endless stores worldwide. One day, I’m going to hand it over to my son, and he’s going to have to take over an empire.

In the same month, Nielsen claims that Pandora has defaulted on its earnout payment and is owed DKK 753 million, according to a report in Scandinavian retail and Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende.

JUNE Nielsen steps down as CEO of Endless Jewelry and later sells his shares in the company.
2016 FEB Nielsen announces plans for Amazing Jewelry, inspired by fast fashion retailers.
APR Amazing Jewelry officially makes its UK retail and press debut.
JUNE The first Amazing Jewelry store opens in Denmark.
NOV Endless Jewelry files for bankruptcy in Germany.
2019 APR The number of stores of Amazing Jewelry reaches more than 60 in Europe, the United States, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia.
2020 JUL Amazing jewelry stores would begin to close. Around this time, Jesper Nielsen started JN Jewelry, a multi-tiered jewelry business, with “ambassadors” (members) in the UK and Germany.
2021 TUE JN Jewelry expands to Australia.
Sep JN Jewelry “ambassadors” are shocked to receive an abrupt message that the company is closing; some claim they owe thousands in unpaid commissions, and several are launching online petitions to hold the company to account, including in Australia.


A promotional corporate video for Jesper Nielsen’s jewelry uploaded February 2021.

A live interview with Jesper Nielsen as recent as August 2021.

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