Everything about Quamane McGee, CEO of McGee Company Jewelry

Quamane McGee was born and raised on a farm outside of Waynesboro, Georgia, where he grew up with his family.

It all started in Charlotte, North Carolina, when McGee Company Jewelry began their famous adventure, which has since spread around the world. The company was founded in North Carolina and has even been touched by the state’s long and illustrious history. As a result, he has the essential imagination to develop unique and remarkable designs. Since its creation, each problem encountered by the company has served as a learning opportunity. In addition, the company has had its ups and downs throughout its history. But, like a mountain, he always stood in front of each of them.

McGee Company Jewelry was founded by two smart people

Founded in 2020 by Terra and Quamane McGee as a small family business, McGee Company Jewelry has grown into a multi-million dollar business. The two co-founders are linked to each other through a marital bond, and they encourage and support each other in everything they do. Their involvement in the profession of jewelry designer extends to both husband and wife. As a result, they found that setting up a business that made authentic and unique jewelry was a snap for them.

Quamane McGee was born and raised on a farm outside of Waynesboro, Georgia, where he grew up with his family. He and his parents supplemented their income by farming, which they did for a living. Frankly speaking, he and his siblings didn’t have a very lucky education. Additionally, he has two siblings, Dominick McGee and Marquel Sello, all of whom are accomplished professionals in their own fields. Dominick McGee is a well-known politician and credit repair expert who is well known for his excellent efforts and success in credit politics and restoration. It is also worth mentioning that Marquel Sello is a very successful businessman in the oil industry. Because his grandparents were also jewelers, Quamane was very early interested in jewelry and their creations due to the occupation of his family.

He had always dreamed of starting his own jewelry business out of the back of his mind. This explains why he has such impeccable judgment when it comes to choosing jewelry. A former student of Burke County High School, located in his hometown of Waynesboro, Georgia, Quamane completed his education and earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. His academic adventure continued with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in business administration from Boston University, which were the next steps in his career.

Just a little more information on Terra McGee and her daughter, Quamane, is provided.

Terra McGee is originally from the town of Augusta in the state of Georgia, where she has resided her entire life. She was awarded her high school diploma from Westside High School in her hometown, where she also completed her high school education. She continued her studies in the field of cellular and molecular biology at the University of Augusta, despite her initial desire to pursue a career as a dentist. Subsequently, she discovered a fascination for fashion. It was then that she and her husband decided to start a jewelry business. Her own unique nail press company, Sunkissed Nails, was founded many years after the founding of McGee Company Jewelry. They sell to measure coffin nails and short coffin nails. This was done during the 2020 pandemic, when all nail salons were closed, to ensure that everyone can safely acquire their own nail designs.

Quamane and Terra have an amazing and inventive attitude, which they put to good use at the start of their respective professional and entrepreneurial endeavors. Those familiar with the fashion industry know which models are unique and which models are the most recent fashion updates. Moreover, in addition to its other activities, the company operates as a brokerage of records and stereotypes. There has been a wave of new jewelry launched recently, many of which have gorgeous designs and finishes.


Many different types of jewelry can be found in McGee Company’s online jewelry store, which is accessible 7 days a week. Their jewelry is both beautiful and affordable, making it a great buy. Whether you are looking for diamond jewelry, gold jewelry, silver jewelry, or men’s jewelry, McGee Company Jewelry has everything you need from earrings to engagement rings, gold chains and wedding bands everything enters.

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Website: http://mcgeecojewelry.com

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