Even the Infinity Stones Couldn’t Stop Marvel’s True Ultimate Power

The Infinity Stones couldn’t resist the powers of Marvel’s true Ultimate Power during Marvel Comics’ Secret Wars event.

The Infinity Stones might collectively (and individually) be one of the most powerful powers in the Marvel Universe, but the Beyond proved to be the true ultimate power with incredible displays of ability that put them in a league of their own. In Secret Wars per Marvel Comics, the Infinity Stones were no match for the Beyonders, as they were continually shown that few weapons or beings in the entire cosmos rivaled the power of the nigh-omnipotent alien race.

The Beyonder first appeared in the original Secret Wars event at Marvel Comics, where he used his incredible cosmic powers to create Battleword, a planet where heroes and villains fought before the eyes of the villain. In the comics that followed, it was revealed that Beyonder came from a powerful alien race that existed outside the Multiverse and was responsible for the incursions and near-deaths of all realities in the Marvel Universe. While the Infinity Stones are often considered the ultimate reality-shaping power, the Beyonders, in the Secret Wars (2015) comic, have been shown to eclipse cosmic gems and some of the strongest beings in all of reality.


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The Beyonders’ power over the Infinity Stones can be seen in New Avengers #3 by Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting of Marvel Comics. Captain America attempts to use the Infinity Stones to stop the incursion that will cause the 616 universe to collide with the Ultimate Universe, but when he immediately uses them, the gems shatter like glass. With the Infinity Stones locked to the reality they came from, the attempt to use them fails. The Beyonders’ powers are not drawn from any specific reality, as they exist outside of the multiverse, meaning they have worked no matter where powerful entities have used them.

Even when Earth’s Mightiest Heroes figure out how to acquire the Infinity Stones, with a version of Doctor Strange managing to leave them in a part of the world that was formed when God Emperor Doom (with the power of the Beyonders) assembled realities shattered to create Battleworld, they were no match for the Beyonders. God Emperor Doom handles Black Panther with his powers, showing that the Infinity Stones don’t compare to the Beyonders’ epic abilities. For further proof, earlier in the series, Doom also kills Thanos with ease with the powers.

The Beyonders didn’t stop with the Infinity Stones. In the Secret Wars before, they also slaughtered Celestials, Eternity, the Living Tribunal and In-Betweener in different realities in their mission to destroy the multiverse.

The Beyonders’ abilities beat nearly every other being in every reality, showing that they hold the ultimate power in the Marvel Universe. Yes the Infinity Stones can make a hero or villain change and control a specific reality as they please. Yet the Beyond can destroy the multiverses and have, as in the Secret Wars Marvel Comics event.

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