Disbelievers break into Surabhi Life Space indoor campus, flee throwing rocks at residents

A resident was injured after residents of Surabhi Life Space in Awadhpuri area tried to chase away miscreants who entered for burglary on Saturday night.

The disbelievers entered for theft by cutting the fence of the society, entered the covered campus. Panic reigned in the Surabhi Life Space indoor campus in Awadhpuri region after disbelievers created a row on Saturday night.

Residents spotted the miscreants who had entered the car company manager’s deserted apartment to steal, when the residents tried to force them to flee they threw stones.

In the stone flayed software engineer was injured. To enter the campus, the disbelievers first cut the fence. After that I skipped the limit and went inside. The connections of all CCTV cameras installed on campus have been disconnected so that they cannot be identified.

The windows of many apartments were smashed due to stone throwing by disbelievers. The disbelievers stole Rs 2000 in cash, jewelry from the director’s apartment. The inhabitants of the disbelievers found a bag. In which designer clothes, painkillers were found.

Rohit Jaiswal, lives in apartment no-1C and was in his father’s house living in Bijli settlement. The apartment was locked. Meanwhile, Ankush Soni, a software engineer living on the third floor above Rohit’s apartment, saw one or two boys on campus. Ankush said he was injured by stone throwing. The disbelievers stole 20,000 rupees in cash, jewelry by breaking the lock of Rohit’s flat. The glass in the apartment broke due to stone chipping.

Two disbelievers were caught in the CCTV camera installed on campus. Although the image is not recognized due to blurring

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