Company D Dawood Ibrahim Big Disclosure in Exclusive NIA Investigation Company D Runs Own Syndicate With Stolen Phone

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Daoud Ibrahim

Strong points

  • Revealed in an intelligence-sharing meeting
  • Company D tech experts manipulate the phone’s IMEI number
  • These cell phones reach Pakistan via Bangladesh

Company D: The NIA has made a big reveal about Company D associated with India’s most wanted Dawood donation. According to the information received, the intelligence sharing meeting was held during the Subsidy Multi Intelligence Unit meeting of all investigative agencies including NIA DRI Intelligence Bureau, Customs, Military Intelligence, state intelligence. Reportedly, after changing the IMEI number of stolen cellphones across the country, Company D Syndicate is operating from the phone that reached Pakistan via Bangladesh.

Pakistan goes through Bangladesh

The agencies also said that stolen smart phones across the country are handled by Company D’s tech experts sitting in Mumbai and their IMEI numbers match 40 to 50 stolen cell phone numbers and they are shipped to the Bangladesh. These cell phones reach Pakistan via Bangladesh and then from there Company D uses these cell phones to run businesses such as extortion, narco-terrorism, terrorist financing, terrorist operation and trafficking weapons and is not even noticed by investigative agencies.

The intelligence service is committed to discovering

When the additional director of state intelligence asked for a solution to suppress it, he was told that even the testing agencies did not have this technology and the union. According to the intelligence department, they are currently trying to find out the person using this technology, the laptop and this technology. In the minutes of the intelligence-sharing meeting, the Crime Branch disclosed that they have been involved in the ongoing operation to suppress Company D with the Crime Branch, NIA for the past few days.

At the same time, according to the ATS, a case similar to the modus operandi mentioned by the investigation services was revealed a year and a half ago. In the Pydhuni district of Mumbai, a man was using software brought from Germany. Information was to be shared with all investigative agencies.

Salim Fruit makes many revelations

Meanwhile, India TV also received shocking information about Dawood from central investigative agencies. Chhota Shakeel’s brother-in-law, Salim Fruit, made many revelations during NIA interrogation. According to sources, it was said in the introduction of NIA that in 2014 Dawood Ibrahim’s jewelry, wedding lehenga and filming for Anees Ibrahim’s daughter was done in Nagpada, Mumbai and the request of Anees Ibrahim, the lehenga of the daughter of Anees Ibrahim. and Dawood Ibrahim’s lehenga. After taking a special photo for Umrah, he left for Saudi Arabia and landed in Karachi and attended the wedding of Anees Ibrahim’s daughter. Salim Fruit’s wife had arrived in Pakistan Karachi via Nepal to attend this wedding wearing bridal jewelry.

Filming of Dawood was done in India

NIA interrogation, Salim Fruit said that all family members from Dawood’s brother Noora attended the wedding of Anees Ibrahim’s daughter, apart from that many senior ISI officers also attended attended this wedding. Dawood also attended the wedding for a while under commando security wearing a made in India shoot. But it was impossible to reach Dawood, so he could only see Dawood from afar. According to Salim Fruit, Salim Langda used to sew the shoots from Dawood many times only by taking measurements and many times through Salim Fruit, Dawood Ibrahim used to reach the shoots made in Mumbai via Dubai Saudi. But as of the year 2018-19 nothing has been sent since the Corona period.

The statement has no value – Salim Fruit’s lawyer

However, regarding the statement made by Salim Qureshi alias Salim Fruit before the NIA, Salim Fruit’s lawyer Vikar Rajguru says that the statement registered before the NIA is not admissible in court. This statement therefore has no value. In fact, the NIA sets the stage for any further statements, discussions and rumors and mentions them in Salim Fruit’s statement. The source said that Salim will register his statement in the fruit court and then he will reveal a lot. Preparations are underway to conduct a media trial on behalf of Salim Foote’s statement.

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