Captain Marvel Could Beat Thanos With The Infinity Stones

In Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel could restrain Thanos while holding the Infinity Gauntlet. But a theory may have explained why it could.

Avengers: Endgame was the culmination of many story threads cultivated in the Marvel Cinematic Universe over ten years. But despite all the conclusions included in the film, there were some awesome moments that redefined the power levels of the universe. This was best shown with Scarlet Witch nearly killing Thanos, but a new theory may have added Carol Danvers’ clash against the Mad Titan as another example of incredible strength.

According to the theory. Captain Marvel’s ability to stop Thanos from cracking had nothing to do with how much latent strength she had of her powers. Instead, it was her power’s ability to siphon energy that made her able to take on him. This implied that it never had anything to do with his physical strength, but also shed light on a power that was well-defined in the comics but barely explored in the movies.

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In the books, Carol’s real power is that she can absorb energy and redirect it or use it to sustain herself. That’s why she could turn binary when she absorbed enough power. It also explained why she was nearly invincible in some climactic battles. However, in the MCU, this ability was only teased when first released solo. A good example of this was when she took out her inhibitor chip. After years of storing energy from battles, she finally broke free and unleashed her full strength. But Avengers: Endgameit is implied that she had finally mastered this aspect of her power.

The YouTube breakdown showed this when she grabbed Thanos’ glove before it snapped. For anyone who used it, the Infinity Gauntlet glowed because of the gems. However, when Carol grabbed it, the glove was no longer illuminated. This is because she was drawing energy from the Stones to give her a power boost, which also explains why she didn’t flinch when Thanos punched her.

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If the theory is true, this could be the most definitive look at how her powers work and show just how strong she could be if the power source she borrowed from was strong enough. Not only would this make her potentially the strongest Avenger, but it also showed that Carol was never afraid to take on as much power as possible to protect innocent people. Even more impressive was how the radiation emitted from the stones had no effect on her, meaning she could probably go through even worse, if the need arose.

There’s no confirmation that this is why Carol might be holding Thanos back. But in terms of fidelity to the source material, it’s a clear explanation. It also showed that she can’t always be so strong as there may be times when she would have to fight at her base power level, which is strong but not strong enough to take on Thanos with the Infinity Stones. Nonetheless, the theory did show that Captain Marvel is still the MCU’s ace in terms of power.

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