Artist Means Malhotra invited as a celebrity guest at the next Indian model hunk, the audience filled with enthusiasm

This means that Malhotra has always been an active source of inspiration for young people. She continually set a good example for them to follow their dreams and never give up. Coming from a simple family in Delhi, she had no influence to shape his path and career. She built her life from scratch and it’s inspiring that she did everything she imagined. Today, she is a jewelry designer, stylist, philanthropist, entrepreneur and blogger.

Recently, she was invited as a celebrity guest alongside Bollywood celebrity Ashmit Patel at the India’s Next Model Hunk event. Although his popularity is not hidden from anyone, his hard work and perseverance surely are. She is always humbled by her accomplishments and feels it is an honor for her to be invited to such events to inspire other young people.

The next Indian model was presented by the production house RJ. It has seen many young talents compete for the titles of Miss, Mr. and Mrs. India’s next model hunk. We asked her about her experience and she said it was an unprecedented experience to discuss dreams and visualize the future with a crowd of motivated young people. She always believed in staying away from extravagant expectations and working to be a better version of yourself. She believes that all these opportunities restore her confidence in hard work.

Her popularity is the answer to people saying girls shouldn’t aim high. When she went to study abroad, people demotivated her parents saying that so much expense would be wasted because marriage was her destiny. She says she was angry at the time but did not respond. She now responds with her success. She wishes no other girl had to hear all this. She also remembers many girls from her childhood who gave up under pressure and hopes that no other girl will have to do this.

She was also told that she was setting foot in too many boats. However, she just wanted to do what she wanted. She is a polyglot and her success story testifies to the entrepreneurial spirit that comes naturally to her. She shared tips on success with the aspirants at the upcoming Indian modeling event and added value to their understanding of the future and their hard work.

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