Ari Fletcher and his partner Moneybagg Yo are not shy about being provocative. Moneybagg Yo recently posted a photo of Ari with an explicit caption on Instagram. Ari has just come under fire for bringing her son to the club, a decision she has since defended. The two have also been known to share some pretty risque videos.

Now Fletcher has added something more to his eyebrow-raising repertoire. In a recent IG Story, the influencer unveiled her new channel, which is none other than Jigsaw, the villain of the horror series. Seen. The purchase most likely references Fletcher haters calling her Jigsaw a while back when she showed off this glam look.

In the video for the new jewelry, Ari films a close-up of the piece while the audio from Seen rooms. “I want to play a game,” the famous clip says. “There’s only one key to open the device. It’s in your dead cell mate’s stomach.” She added a caption that reads “Thank you @jewelryunlimited” along with a crying and laughing emoji.

Ari recently received more jewelry from Moneybagg Yo, a 22-carat diamond ring, which she said she was “scared to wear.” All that bling didn’t stop rumors from swirling that Ari had been kicked out of her home, which she later denied on the internet. There have also been rumors that she and Moneybagg Yo have a child on the way, after Moneybagg Yo posted a tweet that used a bunch of different baby emojis. But Moneybagg appeared to contradict that tweet in a new song, which featured the lyrics, “Ari [wants] another baby, but I’m too busy chasing paper. Maybe not now. The perfect timing could come later.”

Check out Ari’s new bling below.