An unknown company is trying to take a bite out of Apple

An Austin-based company with no known business history but with a patent for “wireless communication jewelry” is suing Apple Inc. for infringement over the sale of AirPods, according to Apple’s corporate watchdog groups.

The lawsuit was filed Friday in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas by WFR IP LLC, “which appears to be a non-practicing entity,” according to The company does not have a website and obtained LLC status in April, according to state filings.

The complaint claims that Apple “manufactures, uses, offers for sale and sells wireless headphones and wearable products and services” that infringe the company’s patents.

As AppleInsider explains, the two patents in question are one for “wearable electronic parts and organizer,” issued in 2009, and the other for “wireless headset assembly,” issued in 2016. .

Both patents name William F. Ryann as their investor, according to Apple’s news blog. Mr. Ryann, whose initials are “WFR”, is a San Antonio, Texas-based patent attorney with a background in biomedical sciences, and “there is very little information available online about WFR IP LLC, beyond the company’s lawsuits. Besides Apple, the eponymous organization also sued Amazon Web Services for patent infringement,” according to AppleInsider.

As Apple’s trending site joked, “The only thing WFR IP is known for is suing other companies.”

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