What are Defective Varla Stones?

Imperfect Varla Stones are an featured item in Crafting Rare Skyrim Oddities, and this guide details what players can do with them.

skyrim faulty use of varla stone

Rare Curios is one of the many creations included in Skyrim Anniversary Edition, and it adds a ton of new items to the game. Among these new items are the Imperfect Varla Stones, although there isn’t much information about them in the game. Skyrim For players trying to figure out exactly what they’re supposed to do with their Imperfect Varla Stones, full details about this special gem can be found in this guide.

What are Imperfect Varla Stones for in Skyrim

Quite simply, Flawed Varla Stones work the same way as Common Soul Gems, with one major difference: they are reusable. Indeed, the Flawed Varla Stones do not break during use, which allows players to constantly recharge them for other applications. This makes the Imperfect Varla Stone a very useful item for enchanting weapons and armor in Skyrim, as this essentially eliminates the need for fans to store Common Soul Gems.


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Note, the Imperfect Varla Stones aren’t the only reusable Soul Gems in this legendary RPG, as Azur’s Star and Black Star both have similar functionality. These special soul gems come by completing SkyrimThe Black Star quest, which can be initiated by speaking with Aranea Ienith at the Sanctuary of Azura just outside of Winterhold, and the Black Star is generally considered the better of the two possible rewards. That said, players should definitely feel free to go for the Azure Star if it fits more with their role-playing game.

skyrim faulty use of varla stone

Skyrim: Defective Varla Stone Stack

It’s worth mentioning that some players would experience issues with stacking Flawed Varla Stones. Specifically, the stacks of these gems sometimes seem to act as a single stone, which can prevent their use. If a Skyrim a fan encounters such a problem, it is recommended that you drop their imperfect Varla Stones and collect them, as these actions seem to put things back to working order.

Skyrim: Where to Find Imperfect Varla Stones

For the sake of completeness, a few words about the various sources of Flawed Varla Stones seem relevant. As with other items featured in Creating Rare Curiosities, these stones can be purchased from Khajiit Caravan Traders, who move between settlements scattered across Skyrimthe card of. Additionally, Imperfect Varla Stones will occasionally be looted from boss chests, although players shouldn’t expect to encounter them this way very often.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Anniversary Edition is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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