The Rolling Stones share two more live tracks from El Mocambo

The Rolling Stones have shared two unreleased gems from their famous 1977 club show in Toronto.

“Tumbling Dice” and “Hot Stuff” were recorded at two secret concerts at the 300-seat El Mocambo hall in March 1977, and they appear on the next album “Live At The El Mocambo”, to be released next Friday. (5/13/22) in honor of the “Start Me Up” hitmakers’ 60th anniversary.

Available on double CD, 4 LP Black Vinyl, 4 LP Neon Vinyl and digitally, the complete set from the March 5th show and three bonus tracks from the March 4th show make up the track list.

The new mix is ​​by Bob Clearmountain, the producer who worked on the band’s “Satisfaction” LP “Tattoo You” in 1981.

Only four of the performances have already appeared on the “Love You Live” album in September 1977.

The first two tracks, “It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll” and “Rip This Joint”, are now also available on digital platforms.

The Stones’ Toronto club shows came after a radio contest offered tickets to see Canadian rock band April Wine, backed by the ‘Cockroaches’, who were actually the hitmakers of ‘Paint it Black’.

The set also included Muddy Waters’ “Mannish Boy”, Bo Diddley’s “Crackin’ Up”, “Let’s Spend The Night Together” and Willie Dixon’s Big Maceos blues classics “Worried Life Blues” and “Little Red Rooster”. .

Those lucky enough to attend were able to hear the live debut of “Worried About You,” which later aired on “Tattoo You,” along with “Honky Tonk Women” and “Hot Stuff.”

Sir Mick Jagger and co started as a house band at the Crawdaddy Club in Richmond, Surrey, England in the 1960s.

The announcement of the live album came after it was recently revealed that frontman Mick was happy to play secret club gigs between stadium shows.

Joe Satriani played with Mick on his solo tour in 1988 and recalled how satisfied the rocker was playing surprise sets in bars.

He shared, “It seemed like once a month we would find a bar somewhere and make a deal with the local band where we would just walk in and pick up their gear. And if we needed to bring an extra guitar, we would. But pretty much we plugged into whatever they had.

“It was still awesome, just to see Mick turn it on when he’s literally 12 inches from the audience.

And they can touch it and everything. He loved playing blues songs and favorite rock and roll songs. We all took advantage of it. »

The live album is released in its entirety on May 13.

The track listing for ‘Live At The El Mocambo’ is:

1. ‘Honky Tonk Women’ (Live at the El Mocambo 1977)
2. ‘All Down The Line’ (Live at the El Mocambo 1977)
3. ‘Hand Of Fate’ (Live at the El Mocambo 1977)
4. ‘Route 66’ (Live at the El Mocambo 1977)
5. ‘Fool To Cry’ (Live at the El Mocambo 1977)
6. ‘Crazy Mama’ (Live at the El Mocambo 1977)
7. ‘Mannish Boy’ (Live at the El Mocambo 1977)
8. ‘Crackin’ Up’ (Live at the El Mocambo 1977)
9. ‘Dance Little Sister’ (Live at the El Mocambo 1977)
10. ‘Around and around’ (Live at the El Mocambo 1977)
11. ‘Tumbling Dice’ (Live at the El Mocambo 1977)
12. ‘Hot Stuff’ (Live at the El Mocambo 1977)
13. ‘Star Star’ (Live at El Mocambo 1977)
14. “Let’s spend the night together” (Live at the El Mocambo 1977)
15. ‘Worried Life Blues’ (Live at the El Mocambo 1977)
16. ‘Little Red Rooster’ (Live at the El Mocambo 1977)
17. ‘It’s only rock ‘n’ roll (but I like it)’ (Live at the El Mocambo 1977)
18. ‘Rip This Joint’ (Live at the El Mocambo 1977)
19. ‘Brown Sugar’ (Live at the El Mocambo 1977)
20. ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’ (Live at the El Mocambo 1977)
21. ‘Melody’ (Live at the El Mocambo 1977)
22.’Luxe’ (Live at the El Mocambo 1977)
23. ‘Worried About You’ (Live at the El Mocambo 1977)

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