The most iconic rock-star-model couples in history

Pattie Boyd and George Harrison’s 11-year relationship, which began in 1964, was also reportedly full of high-profile affairs.

Pattie Boyd and George Harrison in 1966.

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The Beatles met model Pattie Boyd on the set of her band’s film “A Hard Day’s Night” in 1964. They were soon married at the courthouse in 1966 and dated for 11 years. On the one hand, there was love — Boyd inspired the Beatles’ love song “Someday” — and on the other, there were infidelities on both sides.

The most famous affairs were between Boyd and rock star Eric Clapton (more on that later) and between Harrison and Ringo Starr’s wife, Maureen Starkey Tigrett.

Beatles tour manager Chris O’Dell wrote in his 2021 book that in 1970, “[George] turned to Ringo and said, “You know, Ringo, I’m in love with your wife,” according to the To express. It was the final straw for Pattie, who later divorced Harrison in 1974, which was finalized in 1977.

Starr biographer Michael Seth Starr wrote, “Pattie, meanwhile, avenged George’s betrayal by resuming her modeling career – something George had always forbidden,” according to the Express.

Boyd then had an affair with Ronnie Wood of the Faces (and the Rolling Stones), as a rock star told the Daily Mail in 2007. In turn, Harrison had an affair with Wood’s wife, Krissy Wood, Michael Seth Starr told the Express.

Boyd and Harrison stayed in touch, however, and Harrison even performed at Boyd’s 1979 wedding to Clapton. Then in 2001, after suffering from cancer, the musician arranged to meet Boyd to say a final goodbye, months before his death, according to smooth radio.

Boyd told the publication in 2022, “When I left him for Eric, he said if things didn’t work out I could always come to him. That was such a selfless and loving thing to say.”

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