The business owner says the 1995 Alexander County woman’s embezzlement program cost the business $ 500,000; Donna Steele is set to appear in court on Wednesday to face embezzlement charges of $ 15 million | Crime News

Perkins was not satisfied with the sentence Steele received in 1995. “It was a slap on the wrist,” he said.

“I hope the karma is finally going to have it,” he said. “She needs to be gone for a long time.”

A story of arrests, accusations

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Steele’s criminal record dates back to 1990 when she was first charged with embezzlement. Detailed court records of the case have since been destroyed, but a summary of the case was available at the Forsyth County Courthouse. Donna Steele was charged with embezzlement while living in Winston-Salem and arrested on September 6, 1990. She pleaded guilty to a less serious charge of theft.

District court records are destroyed three years after the case is resolved by the court. Since Steele’s charge of embezzlement in 1995 while employed by AdSign was a Superior Court case, these records were still available.

In 1993, she faced eight worthless check charges in Forsyth County, according to county court records. In 1994, she had 20 counts of worthless checks as well as two counts of forgery in Forsyth. She also had four counts of worthless checks in Yadkin County that year.

Along with the embezzlement charge in 1995, Steele also pleaded guilty to rental vehicle fraud in Forsyth County in 1995, to two counts of counterfeiting in Forsyth County in 1994, to two counts of unpaid checks. value in Forsyth County in 1994, four counts of worthless checks in 1994 in Yadkin County, five counts of worthless checks in 1995 in Davie County and four counts of worthless checks in 1995 in Forsyth County, according to the North Carolina Department of Public Safety website.

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