The best crystals for stress: 3 stones that will help you relax

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Finding effective ways to relieve stress can be a game changer. Chances are you already take daily walks, take social media breaks, download mindfulness apps, and buy face masks to combat daily stress and find moments of peace. personal care. If you’ve got it all, why not add the best stress-relieving crystals to your arsenal?

Whether or not you believe in the power of crystals, it’s at least worth trying them out. Most crystals involve a relatively small monetary investment, which is well worth the return of energy and change they can attract. Crystals can improve your love and sex life, boost self-confidence, and boost low energy. Basically, they are bad mood blockers, which I think everyone could benefit from.

There are many crystal options, so it’s important to know which rock will be most effective in attracting the energy you seek. Most crystals can serve multiple purposes, so even if you want to reduce stress, you might also get the added benefit of improved communication or better sleep too.

Amethyst, Clear Quartz, and Blue Lace Agate are three great stones to start with if you want a stress-free lifestyle. Read on for the specific benefits of each stone and our top buy recommendations. A calmer future is coming!

Amethyst is a beautiful dark purple crystal that is often used to combat anxiety. It’s no coincidence that shades of purple are associated with tranquility – just as lavender can be used to soothe emotions and improve sleep, amethyst is a natural stress reliever.

STYLECASTER |  Best crystals for stress

Courtesy of Lumina Crystals.

Amethyst Crystal Moon Druzy Crescent

Channel calm while you sleep with these crescent moon-shaped amethyst crystals, perfect to keep by your bedside table to evoke comforting, stress-free dreams at night.

STYLECASTER |  Best crystals for stress

Courtesy of Clemence.

Amethyst crystal choker

This amethyst choker will encourage calm and a cool fashion moment. Wearing a crystal choker to a music festival (cough cough Coachella) will help bring positive energy throughout the weekend.

Clear Quartz is a translucent stone that works twice to attract positivity and deflect negativity. Since it has a strong positive attraction, it’s important to set clear intentions to attract what you specifically need. Think of the crystal as a blank slate on which you can project your needs and help set boundaries that reduce stress.

STYLECASTER |  Best crystals for stress

Courtesy of Earth Vibes by Megan.

Clear quartz crystal ring

I love when crystals are incorporated into rings because it’s a piece of jewelry that you will notice throughout your day. This ring will help you remember the intention of calm you have set throughout the day, making you feel more present.

STYLECASTER |  Best crystals for stress

Courtesy of Crystalland.

Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster

This clear quartz crystal cluster doubles as a piece of art for your home. The tall structure is sure to attract lots of positive energy, and it will look beautiful when charging in the sun.

Blue Lace Agate is a stunning crystal with layers of blue waves. It specifically helps with clear communication, enhances spirituality and relieves anxiety. The key with this crystal is to place it in a space that matches your intention, for example, put the blue lace agate on your desk at work to improve your communication with your colleagues.

STYLECASTER |  Best crystals for stress

Courtesy of Rocking Pebbles.

Blue Lace Agate Smooth Stone

A smooth blue lace agate stone not only attracts calming energy, but can be physically soothing to the touch. Keep one of these stones in your purse or pocket to rub on during times of stress to refocus yourself.

STYLECASTER |  Best crystals for stress

Courtesy of I love Lotus.

Blue Lace Agate Stretch Oval Bracelet

This stretchy blue lace agate bracelet looks great in layers, so you can layer up all your good intentions. When you put it on in the morning before you leave the house, take advantage of this moment for a soothing mini-meditation.

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