She Makes History As The First-Ever Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model With A C-Section Scar – Chip Chick

Sports Illustrated is finally striving to put a more inclusive variety of women in its swimwear publishing magazines. Recently, they put a model with a C-section scar in the issue for the very first time.

Kelly Hughes is a model, jewelry designer and mother. When she had her son, Harlem, she had a complicated delivery and ended up giving him a caesarean section. However, after returning home with her son, she developed an infection.

Kelly had to be hospitalized for over a week. The infection was caused by a buildup of water, so her doctors had to re-open her C-section scar in order to remove it and ensure her safety.

The second procedure left a more prominent scar on her lower abdomen, but the model wears it proudly.

“After having my son, one of my biggest insecurities as a woman and a model was my scar,” Kelly told Sports Illustrated. “It wasn’t until I kissed my scar that I felt its power.”

The superstar mum was “beyond excited and shocked” when she received a call from Sports Illustrated asking if she would be part of the 2022 swimsuit edition.

“Being part of such an incredible group of women and experiencing it after 20 years of modeling is exhilarating,” Kelly said.

Kelly can be seen looking absolutely fabulous in the number, wearing gorgeous swimsuits that proudly accentuate her scar, which she can be seen lovingly presenting with her hands.

Instagram; pictured above is Kelly

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