Shakib Al Hasan’s Company Brings Best Quality Gold to Consumers

Bangladesh cricketing superstar and Reliable Commodities Exchange Co. Chairman Shakib Al Hasan and QRiUS Managing Director Kalpan S Hossain among the guests pose for a photo during the announcement of the availability of ‘Swiss made 24K Minted GOLD BARS with various denominations’ at their Banani Outlet in Dhaka on April 22, 2022. – Photo from press release.

Bangladeshi cricketing superstar and Chairman of Reliable Commodities Exchange Co., Shakib Al Hasan, recently announced the availability of products from his new venture “Swiss made 24K Minted GOLD BARS with different denominations” in association with style brand QRiUS fastest growing lifestyle in the country.

QRiUS Managing Director Kalpan S Hossain was also present at the launch event at their Banani Outlet in Dhaka, a press release said.

“The 24-karat gold bar is a 99.99% pure gold bar minted in Switzerland. 24 karat gold bars are well known around the world and are a popular choice for savings, investment and also as a lucrative and stylish gift. These gold bars are redeemable for cash anywhere in the world,” the statement said.

“Ornaments of gold, silver and other materials have been an integral part of the history of this region. The importance of jewelry was not only as an ornament, but also and above all as an investment against the unexpected,” it reads.

Shakib Al Hasan said, “In our country, once upon a time, it was customary to give gifts of gold at various festivals or times of joy. But over time, and due to the increase in the price of gold, this has changed. By guaranteeing good quality, we make this arrangement to make gold easily accessible to every person in society and to keep it in the purchasing power of the masses. It is the finest gold that many can buy.

Kalpan S Hossain, Managing Director of Dekko Legacy Group, said, “QRiUS is delighted to present this new product in association with Shakib Al Hasan, the man who is synonymous with quality. He also said, “When we give someone a gold ornament gift, the person does not always like it or meet their needs and it remains unused. This gold bar will bring a lot of relief to this place. One can make ornaments of his choice with his own design.

“In today’s world, everyone is looking for sustainable and risk-free investment methods. Compared to everything else, gold is the only risk-free way to save and invest, a very sustainable method. These savings and investments are risk-free, cost-effective and Sharia-compliant as the market price of gold continues to rise across the world and in Bangladesh,” the statement read.

Reliable Commodities Exchange Co.’s imported gold standard is internationally tested and recognized. 24 carat gold minted in Switzerland. Since its selling value is the same at home and abroad, the consumer will never have to suffer a loss in terms of conversion rate. The price of this exquisite gold is set at 6,675 BDT/gram. It is available in 1 gram, 2.5 grams, 5 grams, 10 grams, 1 Tola (11.664 grams), 5 Tola, 1 ounce, and 100 grams.

QRiUS Lifestyle COO Bishwajit Roy was also present at the launch event.

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