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When I was little I always wanted to be queen elizabeth, since my parents named me Victoria, after the queen. My mother told me that I was a descendant of Queen Estherwho saved the Jewish people.

I have always been an admirer and fascinated of the royal family and was saddened to learn that the great and powerful Queen Elizabeth II of Britain, the longest reigning monarch in English history, died last week in the age of 96.

Although her loss was tragic, it was amazing to see how much she was respected by people around the world who now celebrate her unique life.

There’s something magical about the royal family – maybe because we don’t have “royalty” here in the US – and I love all the glitz and circumstance that comes with it!

Queen Elizabeth was a role model for all of us. I have always admired his calm and dignified personality.

I’m sure after her husband died last year, it was hard for her to go on without him. She said, “Heartbreak is the price we pay for love”, and what is life without love?

His strong and steady hand through the many ups and downs of his life unfolded in the eyes of the world. Watching from afar, I learned so many lessons of his poise, grace, and leadership as I dealt with the ups and downs of my own life.

I also loved her use of color in her wardrobe. She always matched her dresses with her coats and hats, making her instantly recognizable wherever she went. She had nothing beige! Over the years, I’ve also used color in my wardrobe, subconsciously channeling the queen.

How blessed we were all to have his smiling, majestic, warm face in our worlds.

Perhaps what I admired most about Queen Elizabeth was that she took great joy in meeting people and bringing them joy wherever she was. The key to a long life? Love what you do!

Rest in peace, Queen Elizabeth! I hope she is with her beloved husband of over 70 years.

She did her duty and now she can rest for eternity!

Meet the “queen” of fashion

Christie Brinkley with Iris
Donna Schneier brought us Iris.
Some items from Iris’ art and jewelry collection were put up for sale to raise money for the Hampton Synagogue.
Even men admired Apfel’s art.

Recently, another kind of “queen” came into my life. I met Iris Apfelthe 101-year-old fashion icon, up close and personal.

She came to Westampton Beach at The Hampton Synagogue for request of palm beach art dealer Donna Schneier, which represents artists who create jewelry. She is also the mother of Rabbi Mark Schneierwho masterfully leads this house of worship.

What a pleasure to meet a woman whose collections and creations have made her unique in our world. Her jewelry and clothes are featured in The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume gallery.

The community celebrated Iris with a birthday party, as did Christie Brinkley at his hidden Hamptons estate.

I was happy to be with Iris at both events.

Christie’s house is behind a huge gate, on a long winding road leading to a large traditional old world house. The party was in Christie’s tiered courtyard.

The next day, hundreds of pieces of art and from Iris’ jewelry collection (just a small portion) were put up for sale to raise money for the Hampton Synagogue. I had a blast as a volunteer selling Iris’ unique creations.

I also bought her beautiful book which features many of her thousands of items and the story of how she became a force in the fashion industry.

Iris stayed in the synagogue by President Carol Levin home with two of his helpers for a week while selling and partying filled their days.

It was a joyous week of welcoming my friend from Palm Beach and meeting a legend!

Celebrating women of power

Nicole Tunick with her “Vicki” statue.
Arline Shenker parades on the red carpet!
Marisa Striano commanding the red carpet.

Last week we celebrated the fabulous women who have been recognized as The Dan Power Women papers to Muse in Southampton.

We all paid tribute to the “woman of ultimate power”, Queen Elizabeth.

We joyfully celebrated the great achievements of women. Each candidate gracefully and successfully assumes great responsibilities in balancing family and career. It is my joy to shine the spotlight on them and their accomplishments.

They really are “queens!”

Part of the evening is for each woman to walk, strut or dance on the long red carpet to receive her “Viki” statue price.

Just like Queen Elizabeth, they were stunningly dressed and carried themselves with great dignity, as she had done for the 70 years of her reign.

It was a night I will never forget!

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