Noida Police Arrest Interstate Chain Robber Gang, 3 Detained

Noida Police have arrested two members of an interstate chain robbery gang after a brief encounter. The gang, operational since 2008, had stolen jewelry worth over Rs 2 crore.

Two members of an interstate snatching gang were arrested by Noida police after a brief encounter (Picture: India Today)


  • Three members of a chain robbery gang have been arrested in Noida
  • The gang had stolen jewelry worth more than Rs 2 crore
  • Two other gang members are on the run

Police broke up an interstate gang of gold chain thieves in Noida yesterday and arrested three people. The gang, operating in Delhi-NCR since 2008, had stolen jewelry worth over Rs 2 crore. Two members were arrested after a meeting, while another was apprehended at his home. Two other defendants are on the run.

Last afternoon, police arrested the two main defendants, Bharat and Sonu, after an encounter in Sector 24 of Noida. The incident happened when the two miscreants tried to escape from a police checkpoint in Sector 33-34. The two started shooting at the police as they tried to flee when the police also returned fire and injured them. They were then arrested and taken to hospital for treatment.

A Pulsar bicycle, six gold chains, two illegal weapons and live cartridges were recovered from their possession. Police also released CCTV footage of the incident from when the two accused were apprehended.


During interrogation, Sonu revealed that he met Bharat in a Delhi court after which they decided to form a gang in 2008. Since then, the gang has been involved in hundreds of incidents of uprooting to the chain until this day.

They also revealed the address of a third member, Vinod, who would sell the jewelry based on weight and then split the profits between the gang. The police arrested him at his home.

Senior police officials also revealed that the gang placed fake license plates on their vehicles to avoid being caught. After months of stalking, the police were finally able to catch them after receiving information about their whereabouts. Further investigation is underway as police work to catch the two fleeing gang members.

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