Model Daniela Braga wore 6 wedding dresses for her wedding to Adam Freede in the Dominican Republic

“All the places where we couldn’t get married”. For her marriage to Adam Freedemodel Daniela Braga finally flew to the Dominican Republic for a week of celebrations in December 2021. Due to the global pandemic, the 30-year-old Brazilian supermodel and her now-husband had to change their original plans to get married in Italy, Greece or in France . For this reason, the couple invited 75 guests for a week of celebration in the sublime Dominican hotel, all centered around a travel theme for these missed destinations.

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Just like its globe-trotting theme, Daniela Braga wanted to celebrate international fashion. That’s why her wedding dress for the ceremony was designed by the Israeli brand Galia Lahav (see the first assembly below). The result was a real princess dress for the model who had always dreamed of a royal wedding. For the rest, the Victoria’s Secret model selected more than six wedding outfits that corresponded to each of her themes: a sexy red dress for her Moulin Rouge evening, a summer outfit for her Greek moment, a Dolce Vita look, a brilliant after. … Everything has been thought out down to the smallest detail.

For Vogue, Daniela Braga and Adam Freede reflect on their week-long marriage described as a trip around the world. The emotion and the passion are there.

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